Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Title: And I Love Her
Series: Bliss Cove #2
Author: Nina Lindsey
Genre: Spicy Sweet Contemporary Romance

Release Date: October 30, 2019


An expert on the hot, wild tales of mythology, Callie Prescott leads a tidy life. And that, thank you, is exactly how she wants it, despite her family’s pestering that she’s a control freak who needs to have fun. Callie prefers order and predictability. After her father’s death and her mother’s recent health scare, who can blame her?

Jake Ryan fights bad guys, jumps out of airplanes, and escapes disasters…on film. But when a scandal engulfs his career, he takes cover in his hometown of Bliss Cove while he puts out the fire. No one knows his true identity until a chance encounter with Callie ignites powerful flashbacks of their high-school years together.

Despite the threat of exposure, Jake wants some close-up action with the brilliant, beautiful professor. Callie’s structured life has no room for a sexy, muscular hero…until Jake shows her how thrilling it is to have fun and lose control (a little).

Jake and Callie surrender to a hot affair and the possibility of love. But with dangerous secrets, a public scandal, and a mother’s scheming plots, can Jake ever win the starring role in his leading lady’s heart?

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Chapter One
“I will not accept any late assignments.” Calista Prescott snapped her laser pointer shut and swept her gaze over the lecture hall of a hundred shuffling, slouching undergraduates. “If your paper is not either in my hand, on my desk, or in my mailbox by five p.m. Friday afternoon…that’s the day after tomorrow, to avoid any misunderstanding…then you will receive an incomplete. And no, emailing me a copy does not count. Printed copies only. No exceptions. Class dismissed.”
The air filled with chatter and sighs of relief. The students stuffed notebooks into their backpacks and started checking their phones. Her graduate teaching assistant, Jordan, approached from the projection booth with a stack of slide carousels.
“If you ever want me to put your lectures and slides on a twenty-first century computer, I would be delighted.” He set the carousels on the table with a grimace, as if he were carrying forty-pound cement blocks.
“The slide projector suits me just fine, thank you,” Callie replied crisply.
“You mean the ancient relic?”
“A perfect tool for teaching ancient history.”
With an unsubtle roll of his eyes, Jordan wound up the electrical cord and placed the carousels and remote control into boxes. “I’ll put this all in your office.”
As he and the rest of the class began heading toward the doors, a barrage of anxious-looking students approached the podium like a Spartan army on the march. Callie stiffened her spine.
“Professor Prescott, did you get my email about my grandma in the hospital…?”
“I can’t get my printer to work, Dr. Prescott…”
“The book I need hasn’t come in at the library yet…”
Callie encompassed the group in a tight smile and hardened her heart to their puppy-dog eyes and beseeching pleas. In her early days of teaching, she’d learned her lesson about showing any weakness. These kids might look all scruffy, ear-pod-wearing innocence, but they could smell blood.
“You’ve all known about this assignment since the first day of class.” She closed her leather satchel and snapped the latch. “No exceptions. Enjoy the rest of your day.”
The group sagged with dismay, and one girl—Laura—bit her trembling lip.
Walk away, Dr. Prescott.
Callie stepped back from the podium and slipped into the cashmere cardigan she’d left on the back of a chair. She started toward the door, her heels clicking purposefully. Behind her, the students radiated nervous despair.
Keep walking. Keep walk—
Was that a sniffle?
Her heart sank. Gripping her satchel strap tighter, she swiveled and leveled the group with an icy glare.
“I will have extra office hours today, tomorrow, and Friday afternoon until five. I will also plan to check my email more often than usual. Should you encounter further obstacles in your research and writing, you may either come to my office or email me. I will do my best to assist you. But there will be no exceptions. I wish your grandmother well, Mr. Hamilton.”
Without waiting to see if her remarks mollified them, she strode from the lecture hall. Hopefully her hard-ass attitude would still deflect any notion of weakness.
She glanced at her slim gold wristwatch. One hour until her meeting with the senior professors in the Classics department, which gave her just enough time to drive over to the Bliss Cove Library and pick up the books she’d ordered through interlibrary loan.
She preferred using the local library since the college library was always so slammed with requests from students and other professors. Not to mention, the Bliss Cove librarian Beatrice was highly efficient, a quality Callie both appreciated and often found lacking in other people.

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