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Unexpectedly Ruined Release

Unexpectedly Ruined Release

It was only supposed to be one night…
After our amazing night in New York, I never thought I'd see my hot Scot again. Months later, Jack's stumbled into my life, proving that fate has other plans for us.
He's the golden retriever of golden retrievers, the cinnamon roll of cinnamon rolls… until we're behind closed doors.
As a romantic suspense author, I'm not qualified to help him on his quest for fortune and glory. Yet, here I am, in a dreary Scottish castle, with a man I'm trying desperately to not fall in love with.
In one night, he ruined me for all other non-fictional men—and fictional men. How am I supposed to survive six months, when we haven't kept our hands off each other since I arrived?

What to expect:
❤️ Adventure Romcom
❤️ Scottish Archeologist MMC
❤️ Romantic Suspense Author FMC
❤️ Billionaire Romance (not him!)
❤️ Interconnected Standalone
❤️ Instalove
❤️ Age Gap
❤️ Spicy

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Thursday, January 18, 2024

She Who Watches Welcome To Petals #1 By Elanore Bailey


She Who Watches

Welcome To Petals #1

Elanore Bailey

A Spicy, Voyeristic, Age Gap, Billionaire Romance featuring a BDSM Club and Insta-lust with a Mysterious Stranger.



Watching is half the fun.

My name is Edith, and I am a Professional Voyeur. I am paid to watch those who like to be seen. But what happens when one man wants to see me?

Can I keep it professional and fight the urge to fulfill my own desires, or will I succumb and let myself become part of the fantasy?

She Who Watches was originally published on Kindle Vella and then released as a Novella. Now, with a new Cover, it has been expanded to a full novel!! Welcome to Petals, a club where all eyes are on you… If that’s what you like. ;P

Adult Content, not a YA Novel.

Elanore lives in a small West Virginia town with her husband, son, and fur children. She always dreamed of being an author and finally took the plunge utilizing Kindle Vella as a platform to experiment and explore what she enjoys. Elanore loves to write romance with a lot of spice, though she plans to try multiple genres.

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