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Soul of Eli w/ Pamela Gail


Soul of Eli

by Pamela Gail

Coming Of Age Literary Fiction




Choosing a future is never easy.

Eli Sterling is the star pitcher on his high school baseball team. He has a bright future in the majors, but recently, something has changed.

He’s angry, moody, and scared

It seems that no matter how hard he works, he always falls short in someone’s eyes. 

Except for Izzy. She is his best friend and the only one who understands. 

As he begins to question everything about who he is and what he truly wants for his future, the only place he finds peace is in the treehouse that sits between his house and Izzy’s. 

Both a blessing and a curse, their bond keeps him together, even as he slowly spirals out of control and realizes that not all is what it seems, and learns that it’s okay to reach for the dream.

Adolescent Angst

Substance Use



Pamela Gail was raised in the rich, coastal traditions of southeast Georgia. She has been married to her husband, Rick, for over 20 years, and they have two sons. As a wife and mother, she finds solitude and comfort in her creative outlets. Pamela expresses herself through stories that relay her deep appreciation of family and the virtue of life. Her hobbies include writing, reading, listening to music, wine tasting and watching football.

After graduating from college in South Carolina, Pamela returned to her hometown and was blessed with an amazing twenty-year career teaching elementary school. In 2018, she made the decision to leave the only job she’d ever known in order to pursue her life-long dream of becoming a published author.

In addition to writing, she owns two businesses that keep her busy. With little time to relax, Pamela cherishes the free time she has and enjoys spending it with family and friends. 









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Sunday, July 10, 2022

Review: Josh and Gemma Make a Baby

Josh and Gemma Make a Baby Josh and Gemma Make a Baby by Sarah Ready
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Let me start off with, I read a lot of smutty books so if you check out my reviews for that then this is not for you.

I made it through this story but honestly, I’m not sure how. I was super excited for an adorable little Rom-Com. However, I was left feeling Blah. There should be a trigger warning for women and even men who may have having trouble having babies. This story does deal with Infertility Issues and IVF. So if you are having this as a trigger do not read this book. I can say this isn’t the worst book I’ve read but it’s also not the best.

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Friday, July 8, 2022

Review: Give Me More

Give Me More Give Me More by Sara Cate
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

At this point I have read five of Sara Cate’s Novels. I have to say they just keep getting better and better. Is there a such thing as a Sara Cate kink because I swear these books make me want to try lots of new things.

Give Me More is book three in the Salactious Players Club series and if you haven’t read it then go back and start with Praise. I promise you won’t regret it.

What can I say about this amazing story that hasn’t been said yet? This story follows Drake, Hunter and Isabel. It’s the friends to lovers trope.

I absolutely expected to be taken on a ride with this story. However, I was not expecting that they would out do Garrett the way they did. Like I loved Garrett not in the first book but the second with his back story. Then Drake and Hunter bulldozed right over him and took the spot for number one.

Sara Cate we have one problem how are you gonna do me that way with Drake’s hair. all those pretty blonde curls. Why? I wanted to cry my eyes out in that moment!

This story has it all, sexual tension, friendships, passion, but the love that these share is unlike any other kind of love.

You won’t be disappointed if you read this story.

Now for a few of my favorite quotes.

I’m a fucking scoundrel. I guess that’s an old-fashioned term, but I don’t really like the modern-day translation as much. Playboy. Man whore. Fuck boy.

“Did he touch you?” he asks. I nod. His fingers tighten. “Did you like it?” My heartbeat picks up speed as I nod again. Pulling me even closer, he takes my bottom lip between his teeth, biting enough to make it hurt, and I whimper against his mouth. “Then, be a good little slut and take out my cock, Isabel.”

I force a crooked smile. “I don’t think I’ve ever passed up sex before.” “Why start now?” he asks playfully. “Because I’m a fucking idiot.” He lets out an easy laugh as he nods. “Love will do that to you.”

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Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Grace Unchained Bloodrite by Rachel Starkie Release


Grace Unchained


by Rachel Starkie 

Slow Burn New Adult Fantasy Romance


Will they be the key to her survival?

Having survived horrors, Grace Ngarra is alone. A broken beauty whose only hope is to find sanctuary. To escape enslavement, she must appeal to those who have no reason to care.

The Paranormal Council.

Will they protect her? Letting Grace find herself, peace, and a life of free will, or will they believe the lies and send her back to captivity and torment?

Author’s Note:

Grace Unchained is the 1st in a Fantasy slow burn with dark themes referenced and on the page. The romance is subtle, and the story has a strong theme of survival, finding a way to love, not just others but also oneself.

Grace purses her lips and abruptly asks. “Can I see your tiger?”

He lets out a short chuckle, only slightly turned by her immediate subject change. “Sure, why not.” With a shrug, he stands and begins to strip down. Grace goes to cover her eyes out of modesty. Though in her little dealings with other paranormals, shifters, in particular, she found were in no way modest. In fact, they often seem to prefer to wear as little clothing as possible.

“It’s okay to look,” Ryder assures her with his wide grin.

She looks between splayed fingers as her stomach does a little somersault. “Wow.” She cannot keep her thoughts to herself as her cheeks flame and her lip trembles a hair as she stares at his impressive cock.

As he drops to the ground, he smirks with a wink that doesn’t get past her. As though a blur crosses her vision, she is shocked to see a tiger shaking out its fur.

The transition is so smooth. He is now a large white tiger with amber eyes that though not within an animal, still show the mischief of his human.

Slowly and low to the ground, he moves toward her. Biting her lip, Grace raises a hand, and he instantly nuzzles into it. She laughs as his whiskers tickle her palm.

His massive head pushes her back until he can set it on her lap. She gasps as he looks up at her with widened eyes, slipping his very cold and incredibly wet nose under the top.

She smacks his head, “Hey, stop that.” With her demand she stands, stepping back with a glare.

Ryder shifts back apologetically, “I’m sorry, but I am trying to get a better handle on your scent. I believe you are my mate, but it is like something is blocking me.”

Grace watches him, unsure if he is lying. Looking to Raven and Rook is no use, as they seem to pay little attention, but she is positive they would surely attack if he meant her harm.

“What would you need to do to be sure?” she asks, unsure if she actually wants to know.

Ryder smiles easily, getting a little closer, “There are places one’s scent is strongest,” a small rumble escapes his throat. “The chest, neck, and—” he licks his lips as his eyes travel between her thighs and closes the distance between them with such speed that Grace has little time to react before he’s upon her.

Her chest heaves as she grabs his arms to keep him back. “You can smell my neck, only.” She lifts her chin, “but try anything, more, and they will peck your eyes out.”

Raven and Rook caw as though to drive her statement to the point.

“Don’t worry, I only wish to be sure,” He runs his nose from her clavicle up toward her ear, taking a low deep breath. The sensation of the heat from his breath light touch of his nose and lips on her skin makes Grace scrunch her shoulders and giggle.

Pulling away, Ryder’s lidded eyes are lustful and bright. His smile beams as he speaks. “You are my mate. I knew I was drawn to you for a reason, not just because you are beautiful or interesting.”

Grace eases him back, watching with trepidation. “And that means what? Exactly?” She was unsure what to do with this admission. She had only just escaped an insane man that wanted to possess her. Could she dare trust another? It did not matter that she felt safe with him. She had felt safe with Imp in the beginning too.


Rachel Starkie grew up in Manchester, England, residing with her supportive family. With a love for learning about animals and nature, she attended Hull University @ Scarborough, resulting in a Bachelor of Science in Coastal Marine Biology. Rachel relishes in creating worlds full of unique and amazing characters where people lose themselves.

Her outgoing nature allows her to see and feel the world at her fingertips to bring it to her readers. Inspiration comes from all angles, and you can see that in the pretty resin items that double as swag and other bits of fun. All resin is hand-poured into often commissioned molds. Rachel cannot wait to share her worlds with you, so stop in for a cuppa and sit for a spell.











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