Monday, January 14, 2019

A Love Ever After Series Blog Tour

A Love Ever After Series
by Amber Lacie
Contemporary Suspense Romance

Eve is a beautiful woman surrounded by her friends and family. In her twenty-six years of life, nothing exciting has ever happened to her. Everything is going perfectly for her. Little does she know, one summer at the beach could change her life forever. . .
Theron is the son of a cutthroat multi-billionaire business tycoon. He thought he left behind the world his father created, but things change. His only hope at overcoming his past, is finding the one person he lost so very long ago. . .
When Eve bumps into Theron, their worlds collide. Nothing can prepare them for the instant fireworks and roller coaster ride waiting for them.
When evil starts to surround them, intent on destroying them, Eve runs into trouble…
Can Theron and Eve find Light among the Shadows? Or will evil win?

Secrets are dangerous. If not dealt with carefully they can ruin lives.
But, they can also save them.

Eve is broken, but moves on with her life while trying to put her days with Theron behind her.
The lies and secrets he kept broke her trust, but soon she'll have secrets of her own. Will hiding them be the death of her, or will she be able to let them go and let Theron back into her life?

Broken hearts aren’t just for the weak. Sometimes it’s the strongest ones who fall the hardest.

Evan didn’t need love, and honestly, he didn’t want it. Every time he opened his heart, he got hurt. If he learned one thing in the military, it was how to survive. To do that, he had to run. But before he could, he lost himself to someone who never should have been there in the first place. Now, her blonde ringlets and the feeling of her body pressed to his still haunt his dreams.

Kayla wanted nothing to do with men after her fiancé not only left her for someone else, but also stranded her at a wedding reception. All she had to comfort her was a few glasses of wine and the quietness of the starry night sky. She wanted to be alone, to hide herself from the world, however, under a gazebo she sought solace from her heartache and found herself in the arms of another man.

When their worlds collide years later, will either of them be able to trust what their hearts are telling them?

Indie-Award Winning Author Amber Lacie is about all things books, glitter, and shenanigans. Never without a book or caffeinated goodness, she's managed a husband that worships at her alter and two awesome kiddos, all while pumping out tales of love and suspense. Growing up in Chicagoland, she's seen the nitty, and knows the gritty. As for love and home, that landed her in Beverly Shores, Indiana where she dreams up adventures for her characters so that you the reader can explore new bends in the road. Buckle up.