Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Tormented By Thunder Cover Reveal


Tormented By Thunder

Enduring The Storms #4

by Neffie Rae

Romantic Suspense





Losing his best friend was brutal, but giving up Ivy Wolf may destroy him completely. 

In the aftermath of an incredible loss, Ryan Hunter was determined to shield Ivy from the danger surrounding her brother Vince Wolf.

Ryan has tried to keep them safe. Tried to keep them together, but Ivy Wolf will not be contained, and a single misstep will tear them apart.

Secrets and Lies will be Revealed. 

Loyalty and Love will be Tested.

As Ryan stands on the edge of oblivion, will he watch helplessly as the world burns, or will he see the love reaching across the abyss and grab on with both hands?

The roots of evil run deep, but love is the cure to any poisoned tree.



Neffie Rae lives in Utah with the love of her life and soulmate. Together, they have three beautiful kids and one fur baby. Neffie has a deeply rooted love of reading and telling stories. She’s always been one to be making up stories from all sources of inspiration. She wrote her first short story at nine and hasn’t been able to give it up.

Outside of reading, she’s a bit of a hermit and has a great love of nature and animals of all kinds. Stick her in a small cabin in the mountains by the water, and she’s in heaven. Music has always been a mistress in her life. Give her a soulful tune, and she’ll spin you a story of love, passion, or heartache.












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