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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Jack Kingsley Review & Release


Jack Kingsley by Nina Levine
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


A cocky movie star who wants the love of his life back.

A feisty heroine who refuses to make it easy for him.

An emotional second chance romance filled with heat, snark, and characters who will have you laughing, swooning, and cheering for their HEA.




Just a few of my addictions.

It’s time to kick every last one of them because they’re slowly killing me.

I flush the drugs.

Empty the bottles of booze.

Quit the movie I’m supposed to begin filming next week.

I commit career suicide and head to the middle of nowhere to get clean.

They send me a sober companion to hold my hand.

Only problem is, they send my greatest weakness.

Jessica Calvary.

I’m screwed.

Jack Kingsley.

Hollywood elite.

Hot, cocky and untouchable.

Everyone wants a piece of him.

Everyone but me.

I’ve had my piece of Jack, and it broke me.

Now he’s smack bang in the middle of my life again.

He’s still hot.

And cocky.

But he’s not untouchable.

No, he’s very touchable, and he’s doing everything to get my hands on him.

Pray for me.



“Nina Levine has upped the swoon meter to a huge 10 where this book is concerned and I’ve got the huge feels to prove it.” - MJLovesToRead


An emotional second chance romance filled with heat, snark, and characters who will have you laughing, swooning, and cheering for their HEA.


My Review 


Looking for a Feisty Heroine with a lot of personality? What about a hero the Heroine is tasked with keeping out of trouble? Jessica Calvary has that impossible task and she will never make it easy for him. Jack Kingsley is dealing with his own demons. This book has everything you could possibly want in a story. Pain, real people with real flaws, and second chances. This story will break you and put you back together. It was apparently just what this gal needed. I'm going to have to order the paperback to put on my shelf and I only put special books there. Grab your copy today and you won't be disappointed.

Goodreads Link –

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Amazon Link – Once it goes live.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Dash & the Moonglow Mystic Release

Treat yourself to a twisty, comedic romantic adventure.
Because life is too short to be serious!
Dash & the Moonglow Mystic by Pru Warren is now live!

For fans of Jennifer Crusie and Janet Evanovich, a classic fish-on-a-horse out of water tale of romance, laughter, and adventure. Ace FBI agent Dash Ashwood is sent to track down counterfeiters at a luxury dude ranch. Expecting only crime, he finds he must also deal with a dizzying array of con artists boldly masquerading as psychics, one seriously stubborn horse, and the most fascinating woman he’s ever thought about arresting.

Evadne Nym reluctantly becomes the Moonglow Mystic not to commune with the celestial spheres but just to pay her bills. But Evie has hidden skills, and a powerful interest in Dash. Is she really a psychic? Will she help him solve the case, or will he put her behind bars? Will they risk everything to fall in love?

Dash & the Moonglow Mystic is the sexy follow-up to Cyn & the Peanut Butter Cup. Treat yourself to a twisty, comedic romantic adventure. Because life is too short to be serious!

About the Author:

Pru Warren (who is writing this in the third person as if simply too modest to toot her own horn) bores easily and thus has been a daydreamer since roughly the Bronze Age. She is addicted to writing because in a novel, you can make things come out the RIGHT way. Life and karma really ought to take note; there are BETTER SOLUTIONS to these pesky daily annoyances!Beside her in-the-laptop God Complex, Pru laughs often and easily, loathes cooking, and plays way too much solitaire. She’s plotting world domination even as you read this, as long as she doesn’t have to wake up too early to accomplish it.


Website + Newsletter:

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Crush Cover Reveal


Crush by J.W. Swartz is releasing on Oct 18th

Series/Book: A Midlife Romantic Suspense Novel (Standalone)

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Trope: Second Chance Love

Cover Designer: Self-Publishing Services

Pre-Order available now

Add it to your TBR on Goodreads:

Matilda Shriner spent years fading into the background of marriage and motherhood. She’s more than ready to shed her old identity—the one who suffocated under the crushing weight of tragic loss and then divorce—and rediscover the real Matilda. Especially when she shares a sizzling glance with a stranger the very first night her friends talk her into being social. When that same stranger rescues her from an attack hours later, her quest to find herself takes on new meaning. Because he knows way more about her than he should… 


Feather Conrad has been watching Matilda from afar for a long time. From the shadows, he saw her endure the worst a parent can face, her resilience in the aftermath of heartbreak, and her determination to follow her own dreams. Through it all, he fell a little bit in love. Now, thanks to some not-so-coincidental timing, his skills as a private investigator and security specialist might be the only thing standing between Matilda, her fractured family, and a dangerous man with a score to settle. But the same threat that gives Feather the chance to get to know Matilda in person—and prove he’s not an unhinged stalker—puts her in close proximity to her ex and all the history they share. 


The secrets he uncovers might just give Matilda everything she wants—and break Feather’s heart.



MEET J.W. Swartz:

J.W. Swartz writes contemporary fiction with a little mystery, little romance, and the kind of real characters who will have you rooting for them from the beginning.




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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Destroyed Cover Reveal

Title: Destroyed
Series: Tainted by Ruin Trilogy #2
Authors: Indie Black & Sienna Cousins
Genre: Dark High School Reverse Harem Romance
Cover Design: Pretty Little Design Co.
Release Date: November 2, 2021


He was supposed to protect me.
Instead, he became the monster who turned my dreams into nightmares.
He was supposed to love me. In the end, his love was poison, leaving me tarnished and hollow.
His death was supposed to bring me peace. But, his memories continue to terrorize me.

Since his first lecherous touch I’ve had only one purpose. One reason to not fully give into my demons:
The fraying hope of escaping this depraved life.

Coming back to Montecito has reinforced what I was callously taught as a child.
Everyone has something to hide … even those you hold closest.
Depravity lurks in the shadows, taunting me, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.
While anonymous threats promise nothing but bloodshed and death if I don’t obey.

My heart is torn between the three gorgeous guys who are the only bright lights in the obsidian darkness surrounding me.
But if my soul claims each of them equally, will they forgive me for refusing to choose?

When my nightmares begin to mix with reality, it’s hard to know what’s real and what’s a figment of my fractured mind.
One thing’s for sure, if my monster’s back, he’ll stop at nothing until I’m exactly how he loves me ...

*Destroyed is the second book in the Tainted by Ruin Trilogy and cannot be read as a standalone. It is a Dark High School Reverse Harem Romance that includes scenes that may be triggering to some. (Sexual assault, physical abuse, self harm). Recommended for readers 18+.



A rattling sound wakes me from another monster filled nightmare. Cold blue eyes and a twisted cruel sneer are forever burned into my memory. I blink rapidly, my chest rising and falling with staggered breaths as I fight to get back to the present. The ominous rattling sound that woke me continues. Immediately, I’m out of bed and on my feet, reaching for my cell phone while my eyes search the shadows of my room. He’s back. The monster is real and he’s back from the grave to devour me.
My breaths are coming in choppy as my clammy hands work to unlock my phone. A soft knock elicits a startled gasp from me and I clutch my chest. My heart is working triple time, beating erratically, frantically. Another knock, this time a little louder.
“Indiana, it’s me. Come open the window.” Maddox’s smooth honey voice filters through the closed window.
My heart continues to skip beats, only now it’s for an entirely different reason. What is he doing here? He made it clear he doesn’t want anything to do with me.
Rushing over on wobbly legs made of jello, I pull back the curtain and open the window, letting him in. Taking a step back, I inspect Maddox’s disheveled appearance. It’s more than just climbing up the trellis to get here. His blonde waves have rivulets running through them like he’s been pulling his hand through his hair incessantly. His clothes are wrinkled and askew against his broad frame.
We stare at each other in silence for a few moments, wordlessly communicating everything and yet—nothing at all. Pain and betrayal are clear on his face. Just as I’m sure mine shows the same, with added guilt and sorrow of course.
“What are you doing here, Maddox?” I break the thick, viscous silence between us, unable to hold out any longer. His eyes narrow, gaze turning sharper, slicing through every one of my mental shields. He’s evaluating me, weighing my worth, and determining if I’ll be found wanting. The burning need to squirm under the intensity of his sapphire blues is overwhelming.
I wring my hands, swallowing thickly. Slowly, with his eyes still locked on mine, he takes purposeful steps towards me until there’s less than a foot of distance left between us. I look up, craning my neck to hold his gaze. My breath hitches when his hand reaches out to gently swipe at my cheek, bringing his thumb to his mouth. It’s then I realize I’m crying silent tears. Embarrassed I look away, roughly swiping at my stupid face. I hate crying in front of others. I spent too many years crying and begging for solace from the depraved monsters who plagued me. I refuse to give anyone else my tears of despondency.
“Don’t do that. Don’t hide from me.” Maddox growls, grabbing my chin and turning my face back towards him.
“Why, Maddox? Why shouldn’t I hide? Better yet, why do you care, I thought you were done with me?” I snap, jutting my chin up defiantly. God, I know I shouldn’t push him. I miss him so fucking much, but I’m tired of this hot and cold game he’s playing.
His voice is gentle, eyes softening when he responds, “No matter what happens between us, Blue, I will never, never, stop caring about you. Do you hear me? I will always see you, always find you, always love you.” His thumb brushes over my quivering bottom lip.


“Well isn’t this cozy.” I jerk awake and bolt upright, furiously rubbing the sleep from my bleary eyes as I scan the room, looking for the voice.
My icy gaze lands on Presley, standing on Blue’s side of the bed, leaning over her. There’s a devilish smile tugging at his lips and instantly I want to knock his teeth in. Fuck. It’s barely morning and I already want to lay into this asshole. Today’s going to be a long day if this is anything to go by. My eyes move from Presley down to Blue and I regret my choice to leave her topless last night. So. Fucking. Much.
“Get the fuck out of Indiana’s room you fucking sicko.” I roar, throwing the blanket over Blue to cover the side of her breast and exposed nipple. She stirs and lifts her arms over her head, not aware of the slithering snake in her room, ready to strike his favorite prey.
“Maddox, you stayed?” she whispers to me, cupping my scruff lined jaw.
“Of course I did, baby.” I brush our noses together.
“Well, isn’t this just a hallmark movie in the making.” Blue shrieks, and plasters herself to me, but that asshole just keeps on going.
“Girl meets boy as kids, they fall in love, but oh no, tragic circumstances pull the young lovers apart. Have no fear, though, they’re thrust back into each other’s lives a few years later and the love between them never misses a step.” he pauses and gives me a lascivious smile. “But here’s where it gets really good. Girl—still in love with her old best friend—also falls for her new tutor. She lets him eat her sweet, juicy pussy while her old best friend slash boyfriend is waiting downstairs for her, none the wiser.” Presley sucks in a gasp, a faux horrified mask falling over his face, before he continues, “Insert pause for dramatic effect.” The asshole fans his face, looking stricken.
I move to stand, ready to tear strips from this asshole’s hide, but Blue’s trembling hands wrap around my shoulders and press down, holding me in place. “Don’t.” Her one word plea eviscerates the fight in me and I slump back into the bed.
Presley strides towards the bedroom door, a maniacal laugh trailing in his wake. As he exits the room, he tosses over his shoulder, “Which boy will the girl choose, find out next week in the sequel titled, I’m a foster whore, part two.” I see red. Is there a color angrier than red? Because that’s what I’m seeing. Her bedroom door was locked last night, I made sure of that. Which means that asshole must have a key, and that just won't due.

Copyright 2021 Indie Black & Sienna Cousins


Free in Kindle Unlimited


Releasing May 2


Indie Black is a brand new baby author, taking a plunge into the book world. She’s a California native who prefers tacos over sushi, the beach over the mountains, and books over anything else. She’s a certified water snob, dog lover and will try just about anything that tastes like bubblegum.


Sienna Cousins lives on the sunny coast of Western Australia, a lover of all things romance, obsessed with dogs, good coffee and is an avid reader turned writer. When she isn’t reading or writing, she is watching reruns of MTV’s Catfish, stalking amazon for paperback sales, spending time with her little family or devouring smashed avo on toast!

Thursday, July 8, 2021

Running From the Rain Release

Running From The Rain

Enduring The Storms

by Neffie

Dark Military Romantic Suspense






When Savannah Woodward runs away from her abusive, cheating boyfriend, Keith, she doesn’t expect to find Curtis—another broken soul—on the side of the road. Nor does she expect to spend the next few days of her life in his arms, blissfully happy. But Savannah can’t outrun Keith forever. When an accident happens leaving her without her father and her mother hospitalized, Savannah has nowhere to go but back to him. After four long years, Savannah finally gets another chance at happiness when Keith unknowingly hires Curtis. Still in love with her, Curtis isn’t about to let Savannah slip away again. And after Savannah sees Curtis again, it only reaffirms what she’s been trying to hide and forget, her own love for him. When Curtis offers her a lifeline, for her own sake and that of their child, Savannah grabs a hold with both hands. Now Savannah finally has a chance to enjoy life and be happy with a good man. But Keith isn’t giving up so easily, and his reach is long and terrifying.


Neffie Rae resides in Utah with the love of her life and soulmate. Together they have three beautiful kids and one fur baby. Neffie has a deeply rooted love of reading and telling stories, she's always been one to be making up stories from all sources of inspiration. She wrote her first short story at the age of nine and hasn't been able to give it up.

Outside of reading, She's a little bit of a hermit and has a deep love of nature, music, and animals of all kinds. Stick her in a small cabin in the mountains by the water, and she's in heaven. Music has always been a mistress in her life as well. Give her a soulful tune, and she'll spin you a story of love, passion, or heartache. 








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Monday, June 28, 2021

Clover Cover Reveal


The Colton Cousins, Book 2

by Rebecca Rennick

Dark Mafia Romance with Contemporary Suspense



Note: This is the Second book in the Colton Cousins. Reading Phoenix is REQUIRED. It is available in Kindle Unlimited. Grab it here First - 


He took me. That son of a goat fucker took me. Now I’m his. To do with as he pleases, and it’s not all tickle fights and cuddles. All I can do is try and keep my sanity. Pray that Nix cares for me enough to come for me. Enough to fight for me. Kill for me.

Because he may not know it yet, but I love him. With my luck I’ll never get to tell him. I’m sure as hell am going to try.

First, he has to find me. Trapped in my gilded cage.


Being away from her, knowing he has her is like having my flesh chewed off by angry beavers. I don’t sleep and I inhale cocaine like oxygen.

If I can’t find her soon, I may do that which I’m immensely talented at. Killing. One person in particular, in slow and gratifying ways.

Nothing and no one will stop me from getting to her. Not locked doors, not Braxton Shaw, and certainly not my fear. Because she is everything and I will not lose her now.

**Strong Sexual Situation


Drug use  

Rebecca Rennick was born a Cali girl but has since converted into a Floridian. Along with her husband, two dogs, and a cat. With love for both horror films and the Hallmark Channel, it’s no wonder she has such a vivid imagination. She revels in twisting tales of love and life with all its dark corners and solar flares. With a BFA in fashion design, her artistic background has led to her tattoo obsession upon herself and others.

She tends to find beauty in the most unusual of places and plans on expanding that into her world of the Colton Cousins.

For more from Rebecca, including sneak peeks at Book 2, join her mailing list! 

And Check out her website. 











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