Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Demon Reign by DW Shenemen #NewRelease


Demon Reign

Apocalypse Prophecy


DW Shenemen

Post-Apocalyptic, Dark Dystopian Fantasy with LGBTQ Romance


What can I do when a demon makes me question everything I believe?

Marked at birth, I have spent my life in service to the temple, where the Priestess captures and
controls demons to keep others safe. Determined to prove myself, I am inexplicably drawn to Dagon, a demonic being so powerful he was worshiped as a God.
An attack on the temple leads to a revelation—a way to close the gates of hell and banish all demons from the mortal plane, but my journey with Dagon is leading me to more questions than answers and feelings I do not know how to control.
How am I to do what I have set out to do if it will mean losing him? How can I banish all demons when there is one holding onto my heart?

17+This book is not a YA and contains Fantasy Violence and Adult Situations that are not suitable for some readers. 

 DW Sheneman is a writer who surrounds herself in open-world RPGs, favoring the morally gray hero. She strives to bring a touch of villainy to each of her characters.

With a dark yet lovable sense of humor and obsessions with surviving a survivable doomsday leaking into her tales, DW is on the path to becoming The Queen of Dystopian and Apocalyptic Romance. It’s time to escape your everyday life and question everything because all is never what it seems when you are dealing with a Queen.



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