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Tell Me Tru
The Averdeen Duet Book 1
by J. Haney & S.I. Hayes
Contemporary New Adult Romance


Tru Averdeen had everything a person could want. Money, fame, the power to influence others. Her way was paved on her fortune and her face. With porcelain skin, a head of fiery curls, all framing a pair of pastel blue eyes and lips like pink roses she has been a Media Spectacle since she was born. Then she met Holly…

Holly Turner came up rough. Emotionally damaged all she wanted was a life worth living. Then she sees a face on TV crying over some lost rich daddy. Her wheels turn and soon she is face to face with Tru and the truth…

It’s been four years since that night. They don’t speak of it, not anymore. Tru has fallen away from the limelight, letting Holly take on her name, her face, friends. All Tru wants is a quiet happy existence away, and all Holly wants is what’s owed to her. It’s worked for four years…


Chapter 1 Rion

“That’ll be fifty-seven, fifty-three, eighty.” The young man whose name is- Shane, says from behind the counter of Harol’s Gardens. An independent company that deals in bulk landscaping needs. I’m working on a community garden out in Beverly Hills of all places, but I live in West LA, just a hop, skip and a jump from the Art District. It’s a great neighborhood, now. When my Gran bought the joint back in 1960, it was nice, but over the years, it had fallen on downtimes. Now it’s moving back up, and houses like it are going for damn near, if not over a million. She and Granpa got a mortgage at seventy-five, back in sixty. I shop here at Harol’s because he’s local, and local means community and communities take care of each other. 
That’s what my Gran and Granpa used to say, and I believe it’s true. They’re both gone now, so it’s just me and Crenshaw, my German Shepard, Beagle mix. I got him when I was on my own back in twenty- twelve, and was going through a phase, not to mention it was about the only thing good about the neighborhood I got him from. We work, we play, and we hang out like a couple of bros on my porch at night. It’s a good life.
“Here’s my I.D., just drop it on the Averdeen account.”
The kid’s eyes go wide; it’s a large account. Well over thirty-thousand since I started in March. August is now over, and much of the garden is up and functioning. Now she wants a privacy wall and security lights. Guess some local hoods trashed a few plots, and now she is in panic mode.
“Y-Yes, Mister Bedver.”
“Hell, I ain’t nobody’s Mister.” I smile, putting out my hand. “Rion’s the name. Put it there, Shane.”
The kid smiles and shakes my hand. “Nice to meet ya.”
“You must be new; I know all Harol’s kids.”
“Cousin, from New Mexico. I just came out for college. Got into Berkley.”
“Well, good for you. I’m sure if you work hard, you’ll do great.”
“Thanks!” He gets quiet as he’s punching in codes again.
“Um, Mis- I mean Rion, it says that a payment was due two days ago but wasn’t received.”
“Uggh, yeah, I bet. Give me a printout, and I’ll be sure you get a check by weeks end.”
“O-okay. Thank you.”
I nod, taking the printout and head out. It’s just like her to forget to make a payment. I swear she likes to push the line, especially with me. The woman makes me crazy. Crenshaw is waiting in the back of my twenty-fifteen Silverado 250o, which is in serious need of a bath. I can hardly see the white pearl paint for all the mud. I took it up the Lake Roesiger trail in Washington over the weekend and had a blast.
Takes about forty minutes before I’m driving up to Tru-Grow Gardens, the community garden set up by Miss Tru Averdeen, you may have heard of her, then maybe not, I mean she’s one of those money babies, that came up celebrity for all the bling, and crazy their parents got up to. I mean she’s got a YouTube channel or whatever, but really, she’s kind of a vapid slut. Dresses like the rest of the posh ponies and prefers her men on tap.
Not that I’m complaining. Yeah, I’ve tapped it a couple of times, she likes me dirty and us outside. Speaking of her…
I roll my eyes as Crenshaw barks. There Tru is with her bodyguard Lee, she’s holding some little puppy, and he’s got three more on leashes.
“Quiet.” I order, and Crenshaw just whimpers. “Just take it easy.” I hop out of the truck, and she comes scampering over, holding out this little dog.
“Say hi to Athos.” She smiles, pushing the pup on to me. As it’s kissing my face and biting my chin hairs, I see it’s a red and rust Miniature Pinscher. The other three are also Min Pins, one Black and Tan, one Blue and silver and the last; what she says they call Merle, I think it’s a Harlequin. “They are each named for a Musketeer, and D’artagan, of course, is the odd man there.” She points to the Harlequin.
“Ah.” I nod as she takes little Athos from me. I wonder if she’s ever read a book for enjoyment and not just because a teacher said so. She hands the pup to Lee and rolls her body back toward me.
“So, how is it all coming?” She grabs my arm; I already know where this is going. The only time she touches me is when she’s looking for a ride on my swizzle stick.
“If you come back here, I can show you the stone I picked up, or would you rather see what’s already been lain?”
“Hmm, show me the wall.”
I look over my shoulder and watch as Lee takes the puppies back to her, Gold Suburban, with an eye roll. As soon as Tru and I are behind the overgrowth, she pushes me into the wall, kissing me. Always sloppy and wet, always in a hurry. It’s hot, but it’s getting old. She sees the low end of the wall, which is just high enough that she can drop her hands on it and seems to have that very idea. She hikes up her red leather pencil skirt and shimmies out of a matching red thong as her heels slip in the dirt. Kicking them off, she bends down.
“C’mon, stud, stuff me with that fat cock.” She tears open a condom and hands it to me. I’m just hard but watching her start to rub her own pussy has me readier than a stallion on steroids. I get behind her, and she grabs me, cramming me with force and a good amount of pain into her.
“Ah, easy girl. I’ll fuck you good and proper, now calm down, or I ain’t gonna fuck ya at all.”
“Ugh, you just don’t understand, it was such an infuriating day. I need to be slammed, slapped around a bit, and just shown who’s got the control. It’s not the fucking media.” She won’t shut up, just keeps going, panting. I’ve heard enough of her whining. I pull out, grab her, turning her to me, and pound her up and down on my shaft. Now she’s seeing stars, only grunts and yelps come from her lips as her tits which I never seem to get access to bounce. I tear down her top and find pierced nipples. I bite down and suck, and she grabs my head coming so hard I feel it against my nuts. I lift her and hit my knees in the dirt, making her ride me till I come. She falls down on to me, her breathing all over the place.
“I hate to bring it up, but you missed dropping the check at Harol’s.” I say as she plays with my chest hair a bit.
“I’m busy and going nowhere near that part of LA at all.”
“Well, I do have some papers for you to sign.” I say as she gets up and gets her shoes on.
“Umm… I don’t have to remind you this didn't happen?” I finish with her.
“No, but about the check and the papers.” I say, following her. That woman can move in stilettos.
She stops. I see silver fly from Lee to her, then she turns. “Catch.”
I catch the keys as they jingle down into my hand. I look at her curiously.
“The flat one gets you through the gate and shuts off the alarm for the dogs. The gold is the bolt, and the other is the front doorknob. I’ll leave a check, and you can leave your papers.” She blows me a kiss and is in with Lee in seconds.

With a huff, I start back for my truck, realizing I don’t have my wallet. “Damnit.” I retrace to the wall, and there right in the dirt is my wallet, and next to it is a bright red cotton thong.

Chapter 2 Tru

What is this? I wake with my hair a matted mess on my head and a note taped to my face. Upon reading the said note, I am told to have fun by Holly. Whatever the hell that is supposed to mean? After telling Alexa to find Tru’s playlist and play in the bathroom, I strip my clothes and step into my hot as sin shower. I let the water pelt and beat down against my skin. The heat letting me stretch, pop, and crack my bones in just the right way.
After my shower, I throw on my matching silk lace bra and panties before adding my black skull mini shorts. I like these because it looks like a skeleton is grabbing my ass. It comes with an unassuming black and white tank. I slip on my big bear foot slippers, telling Alexa to play music in the kitchen. That way,  by the time I make it there, the music is already going full tilt. 
I bang my head to the music blaring through the room. I love Avenged Sevenfold, and what better song to be playing then Hail to the King? Best fucking song there is by A7F! 
First things first, I need coffee via IV. If only that were possible. I dance my way to the coffee pot slipping a pod into my Keurig. Once it’s finished, I inhale my coffee, before taking a drink. Mmm, nice. Steamy goodness. After finishing my first cup, I start looking for food. Cam, my bodyguard, is usually up making breakfast, but I suppose he wasn’t in the mood today. 
It isn’t till I’m frying bacon that all the dogs in the house go crazy. Holly left her mini pins here. So, on top of her four, I have seven. Queenie is a Red/Queensland Heeler, Shadow is a Catahoula Leopard and Pit mix, Chusky is just what his name says a Chow and Husky. Shepsky is my German Shepherd and Husky; Blue Bell is a Lab and Husky, Pom-Pom, who is by far my smallest is an Australian Shepherd and Pomeranian, making her a mini. Last and most certainly not least is my newest addition and the only pure breed, Monk, and he’s a Golden Retriever.
With the bacon almost done, eggs mixed, and veggies cut up, I’m ready to start my omelet. Closer by Nine Inch Nails is blasting through the speakers as I give my eggs one more whip. I turn around, and down the bowl goes breaking on the floor. 
“Alexa, stop!” I meet Rion’s eyes. “Lay down.” I shout above the dog’s barks. All of mine hit the ground, but Holly’s are still bouncing and piddling everywhere! This, of course, includes D’artagan, which Rion is holding. 
I walk over to the back door, shouting, “Out!” All the dogs are out the door, and I come back to where I was standing. I look over at Rion once more, and he’s inspecting his shirt. The dog pissed on him. 
A blush creeps over my cheeks. “I’m sorry. Let me go find you a shirt. What size do you wear?” 
“Nothing you got, Hon. I’ve got something in the truck. Ugh.” He says, disappearing. 
I run a hand over my face before grabbing the paper towels, squatting to clean the mess up at my feet. Of course, this is also when I notice I’m going to have to wash my slippers. Where the hell is Cameron when I need him? Thinking about that- how in the hell did Rion get keys to my house? What the hell is he doing here? I’ve only had a crush on this man for like four years, and of course, he’d see me as me when I’m a mess and naked as far as hair products and makeup.
I don’t even know Rion’s back till he’s bent over and picking glass up. “Careful, you’ll cut yourself. Let me do this.” 
“No, I’ve got i-Ouch, shit, fuck.” I say, cutting my finger, and Rion picks me up, setting me on the counter. He turns the sink on and puts my hand under the cold water. “Ow, that stings.” 
“Oh, shush.” He pulls my hand from the water and blows on my clipped fingers, all while grabbing paper towels. “Have you got a first aid kit, band-aids, what have you?” 
“Uh, uh, um…” 
Rion looks at me. “Are you alright?” He crunches the paper towels around my fingers and steps back. It’s then I get a good look at his shirt. It says I love it when she bends over and screams with a fishing pole. This has me thinking about a different kind of pole. 
Oh, my God! I can feel my wetness pooling in my panties.
“Uhh, Uh-huh.” Of course, while I’m looking at him, the smoke detector picks this moment to go nuts. 
“What the-” Rion cuts himself off, taking care of the mess I have going on.
I shake my head and try to clear it. “Um, uh, R-Rion, what are you doing here?”
He looks at me funny and picks up some papers off the counter. “I need you to sign these, and you were supposed to leave a check for Harol’s?” 
Harol’s?” I question for a moment. “Oh, right, Harol’s, how much and what papers do I need to sign?” 
“Ten should cover it for now, and this is the new contract for the wall and the rest of the security features you asked for.” 
“Ten, ten, ten hundred, give me just a second, and I’ll grab my checkbook.” I climb off the counter and grab my checkbook from a drawer. 
“No disrespect, but have you been drinking?” Rion asks. 
“No, I need more coffee, well an IV is more like it.” I say in a big rush. I walk back over to him. “How much did you say again?” 
“Well, based on the near six I spent yesterday, ten thousand should be enough to cool Harol’s jets.” 
“Do you have more you need to get?” 
“This is just towards your tab. Are you sure you’re alright and haven’t hit your head?”
“Sugar, haven’t eaten yet. I’ll be fine. How about I’ll make it for thirty, and that too should keep you good for a bit more?” 
“If you want to give Harol a heart attack, sure- why not?” 
“I-I was just thinking extra is better.” 
“Ten is fine, thirty is fine, anything you plan on giving me is just fine.” 
“Oh, geez, Did I forget to pay you too? I’m so sorry.” I say, making out the check for Harol.
Rion reaches over and stays my hand. “We’re good for now.” He slips the check for Harol away. “You look over those contracts, and I’ll be back to get them after the weekend. Here are your keys. I’ll let myself out.” He takes a few steps away from me. “Oh, one more thing I forgot. I believe these are yours.” He throws a red ball at me. 

With that, Rion is gone, and I lose it. “What the fuck was Rion doing in my house? Why the fuck did nobody tell me? Oh, I’m going to kill her!”

Chapter 3 Holly
“Mmm, yeah. Oh, fuck. You really know- Ohh.” I squeeze my thighs to the sides of Lee’s head. He’d been begging to go down on me for more than a year, and I just wasn’t feeling it. But this afternoon, seeing him shirtless, the Pacific sun beating down on him, as he devoured a peach, I decided it was time. I lured him into the lower regions of the hundred and twenty-foot Yacht that some Barron of some landlocked country was partying on. He saw my friends and me last night partying it up in Frieze, a fancy strip joint and invited us out for Labor Day Weekend. Who were we to refuse? I mean a Barron, that’s like royalty or some shit.
I, of course, have been avoiding him the whole time, he wants me to ride his pole. Or at least smoke it, and I’m not into it. 
“Take off your pants; I wanna get that hotrod of yours in my mouth.” I purr. He doesn’t hesitate, and soon, I’m between his legs about to play with a fine specimen of man meat.
I pop my lips off him, making him groan as I answer my phone.
“Hey, yeah? Kinda sucking a cock right now.” I say, getting up.
“Are you fucking kidding me?” Lee’s head drops on the bed.
“Sorry.” I whisper, hearing Tru blathering on. “What now? Did you like your present?” I smirk.
“You cock sucking bitch! I can't fucking believe you! No, no, I did not like my God damned present! I've cut my fucking fingers, broke my favorite bowl, and forgot how to fucking speak! Let's not forget you're fucking the guy I've been crushing on for four years. Thanks for that!”
Chuckling, I pull on my panties and motion for Lee to pull it together. “I’ve been paving the way for you. You could be riding that stallion down to pound town, but no, you’re on the phone with me, crying about not getting what I hand-delivered to you.”
“No, Holly, that's just fucking wrong. I'm sure he thinks I've lost my mind now considering everything. Speaking of everything, why didn't you tell me you needed to pay a bill? You can't skip shit like that. My name here.”
“I’ve been writing the checks; I forgot that one on purpose. Like I said, hand-delivered. Anyway, I got a party to get back to. Do us both a favor, toss on the wig, and go get some dick.” I hang up and turn, seeing the Baron. “Hey, honey, nice party.” I try to get past his greasy, hairiness without having to touch him. When a man has more hair on his back than his head, I have to say, Hell no.
“You are a pretty little thing.” He says in broken English, lifting one of my locks of red hair. “Red the color of passion. Let’s you and I burn up this place.”
“Um- yeah, let’s not, but say we did.”
He looks at me, confused; then I feel his hand clench my hair. “You come into my place, bring your rowdy friends. Eat my food, drink my booze, and expect not to pay?” His mouth covers mine, and the taste of cheap cigars wriggles its way past my lips on his tongue.
“Mm, no. Get off me!” I smack him, but he just laughs. Then I see him stiffen up.
“You want I should cut off his balls?” Lee asks, and I look down to see he’s got a knife right against the Baron’s sac.
“Maybe you should have rethought the speedo.” My lip curls as Lee pulls me to him.
“My hero.” I kiss his cheek, walking past. “Let’s go to shore; this party is wretched.”

J. Haney was born and raised in Kentucky, currently residing in Greenup County, Kentucky with her family, where she is the proud momma to Jessalyn Kristine and co-owner of Proud Momma Designs, which she runs with her amazing Momma. J. Haney’s work tends to lean toward sweet and sexy, with suspenseful undertones, giving her readers something to hold onto.
S.I. Hayes was born and bred in New England and is currently living in Ohio. Running around Connecticut, she used all of her family and friends as inspiration for her many novels. When not writing Paranormal Drama or Erotic Romance, she can be found drawing one of many fabulous book covers or teasers. To see them, check out her website.
The pair met while working for a former publisher and became fast friends. Their split dynamics and views on life, family, and love in general, led to the idea of Stolen Moments: A County Fair Romance their foray into the Rocker Genre with A Sex, Drugs, and Rock Romance and their newest Working-Class Beauties. They do hope to bring you more in the months to come, so keep your eyes open and a fresh pair of panties close by. You know, just in case.

J. Haney 
S.I. Hayes 

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