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A County Fair Romance Blog tour

A County Fair Romance
by J. Haney & S.I. Hayes
Country/City Real-Life New Adult Romance


Fallon Hopkins is a good country girl.

She’s twenty-three and spends her time taking care of her family, the Farm and going to the Local Farmer’s Markets to sell her sweet confections. This leaves little room for anything else. Her life is happy if not a little boring. 

Justin Blackthorne is a New York City transplant, having come to Kentucky to dislodge the silver spoon from his foul mouth. He seems like a party boy, covered in tattoos, and piercings, with a lifestyle to match. 

Enter Joseph Hopkins Fallon’s meddling father, after meeting Justin he decides the boy may just be the thing to get his daughter out of the farmhouse and into the real world.

Enlisting the aid of his youngest son Peter they force the pair to interact even after a disastrous first meeting. The pair quickly finds they have less to fight about and more to fight for when the brothers try to keep them apart. Can they conquer the bonds of family or will it all just be Stolen Moments?


You can take the girl out of the country but can you take the country out of the girl?

In just four short months Justin Blackthorne has become a fixture in the Hopkins Kentucky household. With the holidays upon them, he wants nothing more than to get Fallon away from everyone and spend New Year’s in NYC. 

The family has other plans, he can take her, but the trip is going to be plus two! Nick and Peter her brothers have invited themselves along putting the kibosh on his
romantic plans…

When word gets to Justin’s family he’s come home, all bets are off and he will have

no choice but to take the whole motley crew to the house he’s spent years trying to forget.


Did someone say, babies?

No one said pregnancy was easy, but for Fallon Hopkins, it’s downright crazy!

Start with a broken and horny fiancé, sprinkle it with body issues and add a dash of
teen angst and you’re in for one hell of a Spring, and that’s just February!

With Nick and Blaine in the mix, there are Gender reveal parties for her lament and baby showers to waddle through.

Follow the Hopkins Clan as they twist and turn through late night cravings and a little
momma who just grows and grows! 

*Erotic Elements

**Homosexual Themes participating 


Momma Fal just popped!

When an early labor come with complications the Hopkins Clan must pull
together to try and solve the problem. But what happens when the family you’ve come to rely on, must go on with their own lives?

Alone with babies and a recovering wife can Justin handle all that fatherhood has in
store for him? 

Can Fallon overcome the lingering effects of her delivery? This was supposed to be the
happiest time of their lives, but when a curve ball comes this pair will always swing for the fences. 

Will it be a home run or a foul tip?

*Erotic Elements

**Homosexual Themes participating


It’s Harvest time!

With six babies, a senior in High School and another pregnancy for the
Blackthorne/Hopkins Clan, it should be enough.

Now there are business expansions, wedding plans, and Justin and Fallon must
learn the roles of their new lives. 

When you tie all that into one, this group is in for on hell of a Fall.

*Erotic Elements
**Homosexual Themes participating

J. Haney was born and raised in Kentucky, currently residing in Greenup County, Kentucky with her family, where she is the proud momma to Jessalyn Kristine and co-owner of Proud Momma Designs, which she runs with her amazing Momma. J. Haney’s work tends to lean toward sweet and sexy, with suspenseful undertones, giving her readers something to hold onto.
S.I. Hayes was born and bred in New England and is currently living in Ohio. Running around Connecticut, she used all of her family and friends as inspiration for her many novels. When not writing Paranormal Drama or Erotic Romance, she can be found drawing one of many fabulous book covers or teasers. To see them, check out her website.
The pair met while working for a former publisher and became fast friends. Their split dynamics and views on life, family, and love in general, led to the idea of Stolen Moments: A County Fair Romance their foray into the Rocker Genre with A Sex, Drugs, and Rock Romance and their newest Working-Class Beauties. They do hope to bring you more in the months to come, so keep your eyes open and a fresh pair of panties close by. You know, just in case.

J. Haney

S.I. Hayes

Dream Lover Blog Tour

Dream Lover
Book 1 in the Forbidden Attraction Trilogy
by Alisha Guenzel
F/F Erotic Romance

Samantha was an editor who knew nothing but rules. Vanessa lived to her own set of rules. Both looking for something but never knowing what it was until that fateful night.
Seeing her across the room made Samantha’s heart beat faster and her soft spots wet. She didn’t know the woman she saw would change her life forever.
Vanessa was rising to the top in her party planning career. She wasn’t expecting the shy eyes of Samantha to turn her life upside down. But they did. And it would be up to them to either go with their attraction or to hide from it.

“I want you again.” She whispered as we rolled in the bed. “I want to make you cum all over me.”
“But I’m having so much fun loving you.”
“True but give and take baby. Get on your side.”
She rolled me so my ass was touching her kitty cat. She held me close, massaging my nipples. Her touch was so soft, I spread my legs in need of her. She picked up on my need very fast. Moving her hands down she inserted her fist into my kitty cat. And a wonderful fist it was. She used all five fingers for something. Her thumb was for my clit; the other four fingers took turns everywhere else. Just making it grow with need to release passion on to her. My breathing became labored. I felt myself needing her more. “Oh God! I need to breathe.” I moaned.
“No, you need to explode. You can do it baby. I feel you need to.”
“But if I do then you’ll stop. Let’s just take a break and we can go again.”
“First of all, I will never stop. Second, you need this. Come on. Be my lioness.” She stroked harder. “I feel your need baby. Release on me.”
“Oh God, you feel so good! Don’t stop please.” And I released. My kitty cat hot with my cum, she took her hand out and licked it. Kissing me, she rubbed it all over my tits. She then ate my tits like they were her favorite treat. I was so stir crazy with need of her.
I had never met her before tonight. My life had been dull and boring. But finding her was destined. We laid in my bed throughout the night. Just randomly making each other crazy with need. By two in the morning we held each other close.
“I just thought of something.” I said.
“What’s that?”
“I never got your name. Or you mine.”
“True. My name’s Vanessa.” She turned over and kissed my lips. “What’s yours?”
“Samantha.” I pushed her hair back and caressed her face. “It’s a pleasure meeting you, Vanessa.”
“You’re so cute.” She kissed me. “Let’s cuddle some more.”
Laying back down. All I kept thinking of was the happiness that I found in being in Vanessa’s arms. She had known everything I wanted. And I her. Although she had been my first I wanted her to be my last too. Falling asleep, all I could think of was her.

Later that evening I found her waiting for me. Much like the night before. Only difference I was wearing leather pants and a top to match and she was wearing a mini skirt and white blouse. “Wow, you look hot.” She said once I reached her.
“Look who’s talking. You look wonderful.” I kissed her cheek. “Are you hungry?”
“Starved, I haven’t eaten all day.”
“Where you want to go?”
“Any place, baby.”
“I know this great Chinese place down from my place.”
“That would be wonderful.”
“Come on, let’s go.” I took her hand. We walked side by side to my car. She wrapped her arm around my waist. I kissed her cheek and she let out a small sigh. “It was crazy today.”
“I’m sorry baby. You need to unwind.” I whispered opening her door. “I know just the thing. Dinner first.” She got in and I kissed her lightly. Driving to the restaurant she turned on the radio and took my hand. The touch felt so natural. My heart began to beat fast as she caressed my hand. Everything she did turned me on. I never knew there was a person alive who could do that to me.
Turning into the restaurant, I let out a long sigh. I couldn’t help but wonder if this side of me would stay a secret forever. If my mother and sister would always think less of me. Because I never did it their way.
“What’s wrong?” She asked.
“Oh nothing.” I smiled as I parked. “Nothing important at least.”
“That was a deep sigh. Must have been important.”
“You really want to know?”
“I wouldn’t have asked.”
“I had lunch with my mother and sister this afternoon. And it didn’t go so well. End of story.”
She looked at me questionably. I blinked away the self-doubt I felt with them. I didn’t want to think of them now. I wanted to be Vanessa’s lioness. “Alright, let’s eat.” We got out of the car hand in hand. Leaving the worries of the day behind us. Neither one of us wanted to think of the stresses of the day. We were with each other and that meant it was time to have fun and loose the responsibility of being who we were.
Finding a table, we ordered our food. Unlike the lunch with my mother and sister though, we actually talked while we ate. “So, when did you know you were going to be a writer?” Vanessa asked.
“I think I’ve always known. But I never took it seriously until I moved out on my own.”
“What genre?”
“Romance, mainly. Although I do dabble in other genre’s.”
“Boy meets girl, yummy.” She took my hand and caressed it. “What do you like more cock or pussy?”
“Right now, pussy. But I always love a great cock.” I blushed.  “What about you?”
“Both. I love a great cock. But I have to be honest I can’t shake your pussy. I like it a lot.”
I giggled, looking at her with a glow in my eye. I move my leg close to hers feeling the softness against my leather turned me on. “I know what you mean. I like cock, and although I’ve been busy with work I do try to date. But something about you, I don’t know, you’ve made me see things differently.”
“When was your last date with a hot guy?”
“It wasn’t really a date per say. My boss sent me to talk to writer, and well he didn’t want to talk shop.”
“You fucked him, didn’t you?” Vanessa’s eyes became big with excitement.
“Yes,” I smiled and came closer to her. “But while I fucked him, I thought of you.”
“You are so hot! Why aren’t you like that all the time?”
“I don’t know.” I took a sip of my beer. “I think I’m confident, it just depends on the person. What about you? When was your last date?”
“Last night. There was this really hot girl I met and we made passionate love.”
“No,” I laughed. “With a guy.”
“Oh, it varies really. My job takes me everywhere so I find them as I go.”
“We are a couple of horny toads, aren’t we?”

Alisha Guenzel is an author of romance. She has always been fascinated with a happy ending. Although it's not a happy ending that keeps her writing. It's the story. When she sits down to write one of her characters stories she gets involved with her characters so much that they seem to come off the page.
When she's not writing she is a mother and a Public Areas Attendant for a local Casino. Her children and job take up a lot of her time so when she sits down with her characters she enjoys the escape, even if it is for a little while. She has published two stand-alone books: Unspoken Dreams and Dream Lover. Unspoken Dreams was her debut book and is no longer available. But you can read her series: The McGregor Legacy on Amazon along with other venues like Barnes and Noble etc…