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The Seven Little Deaths #ReleaseBlast #Tylor Paige

The Seven Little Deaths

The Little Deaths


Tylor Paige

Dark Paranormal Romance


Bloodshed vampires are trash. Who willingly gives up their human lives for a life as an outcast? A life where you’re entirely dependent on whether you can find someone to willingly offer you their neck.

But that’s the vampire’s curse, isn’t it? Eternal life comes with a price to all vampires, but I made the mistake of adding on to my curse. Ten thousand evil souls for my memory back. I’ve spent the last three decades with the knowledge that someone out there is looking for me, but until I break the curse we can never be together. Thankfully, I met the Seven Sins. They took me in and have upped my blood count. The curse will be broken soon, but am I ready?


Bloodborn vampires are obnoxious. I can say that because I am one. I didn’t choose to die at twenty-seven, it just happened.

Everyone knows about the Seven Sins. A group of bloodborns who you don’t cross, and if you do, you don’t finish out the night. No one knows who they are or which sin is tied to which vamp, but i’m not stupid enough to find out. Or maybe I am? Realizing I’ve been dating one was surprising to say the least. Finding out that he’s got an even hotter, more dangerous friend who I want more is… trouble.

The Seven Little Deaths is a steamy dark vampire romance. It’s the first in the Little Deaths series. This book is an adult romance novel and is not intended for young readers. Read at your own discretion.  



 Growing up in the golden age of My Chemical Romance, Twilight, and Vans Warp Tour, Tylor Paige knew that Rock Star Romance was where her writing would take her. A sucker for a good love triangle, second chances, and scenes so steamy it hurts, she writes what she reads, and that passion shows on the page. 

When she's not writing, Tylor enjoys watching cult films, collecting everything pink and red, and spending time with her writer tribe. 

Tylor writes heroes and heroines that are no strangers to the Broken Hearts Club. Her books are for the readers who love, obsess, and collect book boyfriends, like her. Her ultimate dream is for people to write fan fiction about her stories and characters. Perhaps she'll inspire someone to write their own book boyfriend.











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The Seven Little Deaths

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