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Aces High By M. Never Blitz

Title: Aces High
A Baum Squad Novel
Author: M. Never 
Genre: Second Chance MC Romance
Release Date: September 25, 2019


From USA Today bestselling author M. Never, comes a hot, steamy, adventurous second chance romance. 

Ten years ago, all Liv Ward wanted was my love. What she got was a broken heart instead. 

When The Bowman’s death causes my world to come crashing down the only silver lining is it brings Liv, his daughter, back into my life. The last thing the sharp, artsy, brunette wants is anything to do with me. But time away and grief do strange things to people, bringing them together in unexpected ways. Like, drunk and horny and naked in your bed. 

With my options running out, I find myself in a cut throat race against time, fighting for the woman I want back all while trying to figure out exactly how to stay alive. 


I have two weeks left to live. 
Two weeks to come up with one hundred thousand dollars. 
Two weeks to convince the woman I love she loves me, too.  

Aces High is a complete standalone in the Baum Squad MC universe. It includes intense sexual situations and some violence. Reader discretion is advised.

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Author Bio

M. Never resides in New York City. When she's not researching ways to tie up her characters in compromising positions, you can usually find her at the gym kicking the crap out of a punching bag, or eating at some new trendy restaurant.

She has a dependence on sushi and a fetish for boots. Fall is her favorite season.

She is surrounded by family and friends she wouldn't trade for the world and is a little in love with her readers. The more the merrier. So make sure to say hi!

Reckless Obsession By Theresa Papa Release

Title: Reckless Obsession
Series: The Pope Family Trilogy #3
Author: Theresa Papa
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: October 25, 2019


Jaxson Pope is the handsome, charismatic player who has many talents in his arsenal. He’s a master at hypnosis and the head of his family’s law firm. Jax is well known as a phenomenal lover, a result of his ongoing sex addiction. The tug of war between two women brings his life into a tailspin.

Jennifer perceives Jax as her protector when he hides her from dangerous criminals who want her dead. Turns out, he supplies the danger when he fails to shield her from the insanity that is Amanda.

Amanda is Jaxson’s jealous sex partner that he’s known since childhood. Amanda’s feelings for Jax are obsessive, but he’s been her constant lifeline to her lucidity.
Amanda has a hold over Jax. Just how strong is that bond?
Is Jaxson willing to sacrifice it?

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Author Bio

Theresa is a self-published author of fiction. Originally, from a suburb just outside of Chicago, she now resides in Arizona living out her dream of a life from which she never needs a vacation. She and her husband of thirty-two years have two daughters who are the most important part of their world. Theresa's big Italian family extends throughout the country with a rich and flavorful history. Much of that history spurs ideas for the stories she creates. Make sure you visit the Art Imitates Life in the back of every one of her books. It’s fun to see where ideas are born.

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Famous By Leigh Lennon Release

Title: Famous
Series: The Power of Three Love #3
Author: Leigh Lennon
Genre: MMF/Erotic Romance
Release Date: October 25, 2019

Who knew I would love to be with two men at the same time? 
Bringing a third into our happy marriage, opened a whole new world of pleasure for Dane and me. But when our partner walked away, we quickly found ourselves craving what felt like a missing piece. 
Insert Miles, a cocky actor with a healthy fear of commitment.
One night in return for seven dates. No further strings attached. 
If this wasn't a recipe for disaster…

I would give Cami everything. Would I be able to give us both what we really needed?
I loved my wife more than anything, but the famous actor who kept appearing everywhere we were? He quickly turned out to be my kryptonite.
Miles immediately saw Cami for the true gem she was. And gave in to my needs.
Could we convince him to give in to the power between the three of us?

I was built to be alone. 
After a loss so deep it left me a shell of a man, I refused to give in to my desire for a forever. I had one and dones and I never stayed around for a second date. 
Especially in the harsh world that wasn’t ready for a relationship between three people. 
Yet, the moment I met the sexy lawyer and his drop-dead gorgeous wife, I knew it was going to be impossible to walk away.

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Author Bio

Leigh Lennon is mother, veteran and a wife of a cancer survivor. Originally with a degree in education, she started writing as an outlet that has led to a deep passion. She lugs her computer with her as she crafts her next story. Her imaginary friends become real on her pages as she creates a world for them. She loves pretty nails, spikey hair and large earrings. Leigh can be found drinking coffee or wine, depending on the time of the day.

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Money Man Release

MONEY MAN by Terri E. LaineRelease Date: October 24th


Nice girls end up last.Or that’s what I tell my best friend when I spot him for the first time.He’s everything bad girls’ dreams are made of.Tall, gorgeous, and sporting a full-on smirk when he catches me staring.So what does this broken-hearted girl do?I toss back my fourth shot and end up in the fancy hotel bathroom getting my mind blown by the sexy stranger.Reasonable. Especially after dumping my cheating ex-fiancĂ©.A new year, a new job, and after this one night, I’ll be back to being a good girl.It’s not like I’ll ever see him again.

I want her the moment I see her.And I always get what I want.That’s how I rose to the top.One. Time. That’s all she’s meant to be.I have an empire to conquer, no time for anything else.Yet one taste and I need more.Another night and I can put her behind me.Just one and I’ll let her go. Maybe…But life throws curve balls and she’s my downfall.They call me the money man and she’s the auditor who can ruin me.

I checked the time. “Who would be delivering at this hour? Did you order something?”
She pursed her lips. “No.”
We eyed the door suspiciously as if a mass murderer would knock at the door any second. When it came, we both jumped and eyed each other before Lizzy took bold steps toward the door. It was stupid to let fear grab hold of us. Who could possibly want to target us? Yet…
Behind the door, a teen with brightly colored hair and makeup to match held up a bag.
“Bailey Glicks,” she said to Lizzy.
Curious, I stood, wondering what this delivery was about. The delicious smell, however, was telling. Yet I hadn’t ordered any food.
“I’m Bailey.”
The girl smirked at me before stepping forward, but Lizzy didn’t budge. Teen or not, this was New York and Lizzy didn’t let her through the door.
I held out my hand, wondering what she knew that I didn’t. When I reached her, she dumped the bag in my hand. “Enjoy,” she said, spinning on her combat boots and leaving without waiting for a tip.
“What was that about?” Lizzy asked, watching the girl make her way to the elevator before softly closing the door.
“I don’t know,” I said, setting the bag on the island and slowly opening it.
On top lay an envelope. I snagged it and hopped up on a stool. Lizzy came over to lean over my shoulder.
“What does it say?” she asked.
I read it out loud. “My plans for tonight were to feed you before fucking you. I always make good on my promises.–K.”

About the Author:

Terri E. Laine, USA Today bestselling author, left a lucrative career as a CPA to pursue her love for writing. Outside of her roles as a wife and mother of three, she’s always been a dreamer and as such became an avid reader at a young age.
Many years later, she got a crazy idea to write a novel and set out to try to publish it. With over a dozen titles published under various pen names, the rest is history. Her journey has been a blessing, and a dream realized. She looks forward to many more memories to come.

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A Broken Winter Cover Reveal

A Broken Winter by Kale Night

Cover created by Natasha Snow

RELEASE DATE: November 25, 2019

Available to Pre-Order at NineStar Press on November 22nd

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General Auryn Tyrus is tired of serving an emperor who turns political dissidents into expensive steak and claims to have swallowed Ankari’s sun. He is fed up with pretending not to know Emperor Haken is buying biological weapons and collecting taxes for a war that doesn’t exist. Auryn's role in the entire mirage leads him to drastic choices, but unexpected news halts his plans. Seven-year-old Keita Kaneko, the son of a former lover, is captured by the emperor’s special forces. Auryn secretly intervenes and spares Keita from execution. Keita changes everything. Instead of feeling helpless and oppressed by a self-proclaimed living god, Auryn works to expose the emperor as a fraud. But he knows exactly what will happen if he’s discovered, and the extent of Emperor Haken’s lies is worse than anticipated. If Auryn expects anyone to believe the truth, he’s going to need proof. And a lot of help.

About The Author

Kale resides in a small town in northern Alberta, Canada, which serves as the inspiration for a world trapped in perpetual winter. Kale is a writer, gamer, cosplayer, and bonsai enthusiast.


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Deranged By Bell J Tour

DERANGED by Bella J. is LIVE!!!

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Temptation. It’s a powerful thing.

It possesses you. Corrupts you. Turns a pure soul into a reckless beast.

Once it has you in its clutches, you can’t escape it. It won’t let go, not until it perverts everything innocent.

The day she walked into my life, I should have known I’d never be the same again. Her secrets lured me in, enticed me with truths that would be my ultimate ruin.

I had a war to win. Battles to fight. But her scent turned me into a crazed hunter, manipulating me down a different path of destruction.

In the end, she will be my downfall.

Until then…I’ll keep her.



Start the American Street Kings Series today! Books MUST be read in order. 
Depraved, Book 1:
Defiant, Book 2:
Deranged, Book 3:

All the way from Cape Town, South Africa, Bella J lives for the days when she’s able to retreat to her writer’s cave where she can get lost in her little pretend world of romance, love, and insanely hot bad boys.

Bella J is a Hybrid Author with both Self-Published and Traditional Published work. Even though her novels range from drama, to comedy, to suspense, it's the dark, twisted side of romance she loves the most.

Clash By Cora Brent Release And Giveaway

Title: Clash
Series: Gentry Generations #4
Author: Cora Brent
Genre: Standalone Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 24, 2019



I’m the poor little rich girl whose silver spoon was snatched right out of her pretty mouth.

Now my reality includes clearance bin lip gloss, sleeping in my car and dining on convenience store hot dogs.  

But my issues don’t end there. 

My nightmare family is hot on my heels and demanding something I don’t have. They’ve made it clear they don’t intend to give up.   

When I finally hit rock bottom I fall into the arms of an unlikely savior.

He’s Kellan Gentry, the prince of the college party scene. Kellan seems to be exactly the kind of guy I don’t need; a brash, arrogant player who refuses to take anything seriously.

To say I misjudged him is an understatement. 

Before I can think twice about the consequences, I’ve fallen for Kellan so hard I can barely breathe.  

When we’re together he promises me the world. 

And more than anything I want to believe him.  


I used to be careless. 

I used to be all about chasing trouble and good times until I caught up to them.  

But watching my own family go through hell changed everything. 

Now I just want to stay on a steady path and make them proud. 

Then along comes Taylor Briggs.  

Gorgeous. Sarcastic. Wrapped in more secrets than I can guess. 

And somehow the ground shifts underneath me.  

In the clash between love and logic, there’s no mystery as to which one will win. 

I’ve been warned about Taylor’s horror show of a family.  I’ve been warned they might rip us to shreds.  

I say bring it on and let them try.   

Because there’s nothing I won’t do to protect her. 

No matter the cost.

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She winced and cleared her throat. “Look, I don’t know if it matters to you after all this time but inviting random guys home has never been one of my habits.”  
“In that case I was glad to volunteer as the exception.” 
The light changed and the walk sign flashed. Taylor waited until we’d reached the opposite sidewalk before speaking again. 
“I’m really sorry I was so rude to you when you showed up the next day.” 
“No worries.  My hand recovered nicely after you crushed it in your front door.”
“I don’t remember crushing your hand.” 
“You were busy composing four letter expletives.”
She clucked her tongue.  “An accusation I can’t deny.”   
“By the way, I never did figure out how to go piss up a flagpole.” 
“What?  That’s not terminology I would use.” 
“No? My devastated feelings might be interfering with my memory.”   
“Again, sorry. You were just being nice.” She paused.  “I was going through some life crap at the moment.”
“Apology accepted.”
“I didn’t really crush your hand, did I?”   
I held out my right hand and flexed.  “It’s okay.  My physical therapist promises that someday I might be able to hold a pencil again.” 
She snorted.  “Now I know you’re full of shit.”
I balled my hand into a fist and shadow boxed.  “Sometimes.”

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Author Bio

Cora Brent was born in a cold climate and escaped as soon as it was legally possible. Now, she lives in the desert with her husband, two kids and a prickly pear cactus she has affectionately named ‘Spot’. Cora’s closet is filled with boxes of unfinished stories that date back her 1980’s childhood and all her life she has dreamed of being an author. Amazingly, she is now a New York Times and USA Today bestselling writer of contemporary romance and begs not to be awakened from this dream.

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