Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Haney Hayes Promotions Live Write Winners 11/6 Michael Gagain & S.I. Hayes

Live Write Winners Week 3

Michael Gagain & S.I. Hayes
Song Black Wedding By: In This Moment

Michael Gagain She blew through my being like a warm whisper in my ear, her raven locks kissing my cheek with the subtle caress of a warm summer breeze, her eyes dark and mysterious...her beauty mesmerizing, I was in awe of this beautiful woman. her sexy form and beauty was intoxicating yet...i felt fear, she was devious, deceitful and full of hatred...she had only entered the realm of the dead as of late, the bullet hole in her head fresh, the blood on her hands congealing ever so slowly. I couldn't take my eyes away from her, yet i wanted to look away...I had to have her, yet I was afraid...

S.i. Hayes An angel of death was not to partake of the spirits. We were to usher them in, no more, no less. Our lives are banal, stifled and long. TO be one whose wings are steeped in blood, who would think we could yearn for something more? Her name, Evangelica, it was as though GOD himself was throwing me a bone. My flesh burns for her, for a taste of those black lipstick smeared lips, those full breasts. I needed to get her exalted, then maybe I could have her.

Michael Gagain Her Smokey eyes were alluring...her breath warm as she whispered...come with me and bask in oblivion where you will want for nothing, her soft wings brushing against my naked flesh, i felt like a newborn being extruded from the womb...she had me, and she knew it, yet the sinister feeling within her was ever so present...i was undeniably insane with lust and wanted for nothing ....but her....

S.i. Hayes Blood soaked hands flutter against me, leaving sticky trails on my pale flesh. She smells of earth and copper. My cock twitches for the first time in ages as she lures me in deeper. I cannot hold myself, I'm already dammed, I may as well enjoy it.

Michael Gagain I saw it happen before it did, I pulled her head back by her beautiful hair and forced her to her knees. I drove my cock deep into her mouth smiling not only from the amazing feeling of fucking her throat but from the noises she made as she choked on my thick cock...she would certainly be swallowing my spawn...in then in a clouded mist....she was gone...like the final wisp of a smoldering fire...she was nowhere to be seen.

S.i. Hayes "I will never submit again." Her voice hisses in a sputtering spray of blood across my face.
"You shall be my pet." Evangelica pushes me and it's like being hit by a semi. Her anger and rage fueling her strength. It's then I see the slash to her throat. She was taken so violently... "You will be my servant, and servants keep their heads low. She stands over me, hiking up her black gown. "Now it's time to service your Dark Mistress.

Michael Gagain I suddenly felt myself becoming her...I felt her pain, her longing for her place in the afterlife. I wanted to be her...i wanted her pain and suffering...I looked to the ground and saw what was once me in a pile upon the ground...I felt reinvigorated ...alive for the first time, I opened my wings and screamed to the heavens! what have I become? am I now the monster I have yearned to become? or a meager faux imposter of a dream...was she real? did i even exist? she was plume of beautiful black smoke, I but a man...my menial self has become the beautiful demon...

S.I. Hayes I've gone from a lonely self-loathing servant, to Mistress of my own Damnation. The Exhalation of the Spirit was not her's but my mirror self. My duality of being imagined into being. I am the demon, I am the Angel, we are one in the same and we are beautiful. The greatest marriage of Heaven and Hell happened within my soul's search for oblivion. I am my greatest love, for who can love the beast if he cannot love himself?

Michael Gagain Her oblivion...now my life...

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