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#GuestPost #BehindTheAuthor -For the Love of Halloween (and my husband) By Pamela Gail #HHPAuthor

For the Love of Halloween (and my husband)

By Pamela Gail

Halloween is my husband’s favorite holiday. He loves all things scary and enjoys decorating our yard. I was never a big fan of the holiday until I met him. His excitement and love for Halloween is definitely contagious. I’ve grown to love Halloween, but I still won’t watch scary movies with him. He thinks he is going to wear me down one day, but we’ve known each other for twenty-five years, and it hasn’t happened yet. However, he did get me to go to Halloween Horror Nights a few years ago, so there may be a tiny shred of hope.

I even brought my family’s love of the holiday into two of my novellas from the Where the Path Leads series. In Fixing My Path, the characters attend the annual carnival at their college, Raigus Art and Design. There’s a haunted house, carnival games and food booths set up in and around an old Victorian house owned by the school. I enjoyed writing it, but definitely appreciated my husband’s input when it came to the haunted house. Halloween in The Empty Path, releasing in February 2024, is a little tamer. The group of friends are a year older, and a lot has changed, forcing them to become more settled in their lives. They volunteer at a Halloween party in a tiny house community built for struggling families and they have their own get-togethers where they reminisce about past Halloweens and, of course, some secrets are revealed, and a little drama ensues. While I pulled in my husband’s love of Halloween into Fixing My Path, I added my love of cooking and entertaining into The Empty Path. The main character, Adalyn, and her brother, Axel, throw a small party for their friends, including some delicious fall treats. One of the recipes is included at the end.

Bringing something the men in life enjoy into my books has been so exciting for me. It’s fun to add a little piece of my family to my writing. Having their favorite holiday as the topic for my first blog feels like the perfect way to start this new venture.

Candy Corn Snack Mix

1 – 11 oz bag of candy corn

1 – 10 oz bag of M&Ms (I prefer milk chocolate, but you can use kind you like)

2 Large Bags of Popcorn (I use Skinny Pop or pop my own)

1 – 16 oz. Jar of Salted Peanuts

Mix together in a large bowl and serve.

This is one of my favorite recipes to make and keep on hand during the month of October not only because it mixes sweet and salty, but it also is easy to make and if you have the four ingredients on hand can be made in an instant when guests drop by.

For more information about me or my books, visit https://linktr.ee/authorpamelagail

Note: This is a modified version of Pamela's Original Blog post. To read more about the insanity her family gets up to, please read her home blog-

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#NewRelease Pamela Gail Changing My Path


Changing My Path

Path of the Heartbeats


Pamela Gail

A New Adult Coming

of Age College Romance





Unconditional love heals the soul.

Lily Astor was raised in a high-profile Alabama family where love was earned, not given. College in Georgia is her chance to escape past trauma and change the path chosen for her. 

Growing up poor in Detroit taught Ledger Franklin how to care for others, and now he works hard to provide safe homes for those in need. 

When Lily meets Ledger, she learns what unconditional love is and how to give it in return.

Will her family stand in their way? Can their love survive her past?

Pamela Gail was raised in the rich, coastal traditions of southeast Georgia. She has been married to her husband, Rick, for over 20 years, and they have two sons. As a wife and mother, she finds solitude and comfort in her creative outlets. Pamela expresses herself through stories that relay her deep appreciation of family and the virtue of life. Her hobbies include writing, reading, listening to music, wine tasting and watching football.

After graduating from college in South Carolina, Pamela returned to her hometown and was blessed with an amazing twenty-year career teaching elementary school. In 2018, she made the decision to leave the only job she’d ever known in order to pursue her life-long dream of becoming a published author.

In addition to writing, she owns two businesses that keep her busy. With little time to relax, Pamela cherishes the free time she has and enjoys spending it with family and friends.





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