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Sweet Intentions By J. Haney & S.I. Hayes Blog Tour

 Title: Sweet Intentions 

J. Haney & S.I. Hayes 

Genre: Holiday Romance

   Absence makes the heart grow fonder unless you're Samuel Benson. 

   Betrayed by his own brother and the love of his life, Sam has stayed away for ten years until the death of the Benson Patriarch lures him home. Taking care of the Christmas Tree Farm is one thing, but can he face his past and reconcile the choices that were made, or will it all blow up in his face?
   Peyton Miller was the girl next door. She’s been in love with the boy on Church Street since she was eight, but circumstance put her in the arms of his brother. Ten years later, Peyton is widowed with two children and a third on the way. Will she ever feel like her old self again? Will she be able to chisel the ice from Sam's heart to find the path to forgiveness? Can she ever forgive herself?

Back in the fields, it's all work again, right until we start to lose the light. By four-thirty, Boyd and Franklin have headed home to their wives, and I head back to the house.
“How'd it go?” Momma asks, rolling and kneading the dough on the counter. Sitting looking as annoyed as ever is Ryett. CHRIST, he looks just like I did at that age. Come to think of it; I got a scar over my left eye from a rock Jason threw during a rock fight when we were his age.
“Good, we cleared the northeastern quad. Could have gotten the Western, but the combine kept jamming up and slowed us right on down. Dad really should have gotten a backup. I mean from what I’m seeing you all ain’t hurting like when I was a kid.”
“That’s none of your business, as for a second machine, who do you suppose was gonna drive it? Your brother had his work and his family, your sister sure as hell couldn’t do it, she’d never be able to reach the gears and see over the steering wheel. You know I can’t do a stick, so it was on him and guys he could get here and there. Guys that had to be paid, sometimes housed and oftentimes fed.”
“Don’t go guilting me! I’d have come home, you all told me not to, that things were fine. That you were doing well, and I should just do what I was doing.”
“You should have brought your ass home once in a while.” Sadie comes in, what is it with her and the gum? The smell is crazy. It’s spearmint this time.
“Don’t you start, I got plenty to say to both of you, but-” I look at Ryett. “Now’s not the time.”
“Don’t stop on my account. I’m just the kid watching adults act like idiots.”
“Wy- Ryett!” Momma slips, almost calling him Dad’s name. She drops her head, with an exhausted shake. “You do not talk to your elders like that. If your Momma were here, she’d tan your hide.”
“You are my elder, Sadie is my elder, but him-” His eyes stare daggers at me. “He is the sperm donor that should have come home to help when Dad died.”
The balls on this little shit! “You know what kid, you wanna know why I wasn’t around? Ask your momma how long I was gone before she and your daddy got together.” I storm off the screen door slamming behind me. Ugh! This whole family has got me ready to fucking bolt. I can’t, though. I gotta stay, I gotta make sure momma is okay, for him. He would never forgive me if I abandoned her. Or that scheming little witch I call sister. She thinks I didn’t see the look in her eyes Wednesday when I saw her for the first time. I think, hell, I know she was expecting it to be like some trashy romance novel. We see each other, after ten years apart, desperate feelings ensue, and a great love affair begins. Sure, a love affair began that night for sure. Between me and Mylanta.
No sooner have I rolled a smoke than I hear a short cough. Turning, I see the boy with his stuff slung over his shoulder and a casserole dish in his hands.
“I’m supposed to say sorry and tell you NaNa said to take me home.” He lowers his hand, and there in his palm are the fuses for Dad’s Chevy.
“Isn’t that fortuitous, seeing as I have a date tonight.” I half-chuckle, he drops them into my hand and heads for the truck without another word. I get in, replace the fuses, and the truck purrs like the kitten it always was. “God, I missed that sound,” I say, putting her into gear. “So, where am I going?”
“You can take the dirt road. It’s a straight shot between here and there.” He gruffs.
“Wait? What road? The one to the cabin?” I ask, confused. There wasn’t any house for like ten miles unless he was talking about Old Man Miller’s place. See, my family and the Miller family have done one kind of business or another together for years. Before the Benson’s, it was my momma’s family, the Walshes. They took over the farm when Grama and Grampa Walsh passed. Leaving the place to momma. It was Dad’s idea to make it a Christmas Tree and Sunflower farm. All of them flowers were great for the Miller’s hives, so they worked together again.
“You have to go past the Cabin. NaNa and Grampa plant crops on our land in the spring. Along with Momma’s clover for the bees.”
“You’re in the big house? On Lover’s Lane?” I say headed for the road.
“Yeah, we moved there after Grammy and Granpa left.”
I nod. I haven’t been near that house since the night before I left. The night I said goodbye to his mother. Apparently, the night he was conceived.

Ka-Thunk. That is the sound Sammy makes when he hits the ground. Sadie, in her natural way, shrugs and leaves after dropping a bomb. As for now, I’ve got an ache that needs to be scratched, and that isn’t happening with Sam out cold on the floor. I straddle him, rubbing my heat against him. 
“If you don’t get up, I’m going to be forced to take measures into my own hands.”
“You’ll wind up pregnant.” He mumbles, barely moving his lips.
“I went out this morning. I’ve got provisions.”
“No time to go scrounging, fuck me now, give me a tit, or let me up.”
“How about you suck me while I fuck you?”
He does a full slow pelvic thrust. “I say unleash the beast.”
Boy thinks I’m scared. I’ve owned up to only having him for a short time, and if I’ve only got a week left with him, I’d like him to be fucking me. I flip open his button and unzip his fly, letting the beast come out to play. I wrap both hands around his cock before spitting on it to make sure it’s well lubricated.
“Nice.” He smiles. “Now, just lean into it, and I’ll be happy to suck you dry.”
I move up, so I’m on my knees before sinking down onto his hard pulsating cock. “Oh, fuck.”
Jesus, that feels amazing; the only thing that would be better is him sucking me dry. Just as I think it, his mouth wraps around one nipple as his hand plays with the other. My body begins to move on its own accord. 
“Fuck… Sammy. You. Feel. So. Good. Ah, Sammy.” I all but shout as I get close to my first orgasm.
In, out. Fast, slow. Having sex with Sam now is so much different than the other two times. It’s not near as sloppy and way more calculated, making sure we both get just what we need. The closer we get to the end, the more frantic we become. Sam wraps an arm around my back, helping guide me the way he needs it. This puts us face to face. He laces his fingers in the hair on the back of my head and kisses me ever so deeply. This is the first time I’ve kissed this man in over ten years, and it is just what I need to send me over the edge.
“Oh, God. Sammy, I love you. Don’t stop.”
We finish together collapsing to the tile floor in a mess of limbs. Both trying to catch our breath.
“That was…” He trails off. “I think you earned a sandwich. What would you like me to make you?”
“I think there’s tuna in the fridge. You like that, right?” I smirk at him. 
“Oh, no, never again. You know that.” He chuckles, as his stomach growls.
I pat his chest as I get off the floor. “Make yourself lunch. I need to clean up.” I head for the half bath off the kitchen but don’t quite make it as I’m scooped up and kissed.
“You need a good scrubbing, and I’ll be the one to give it to you.”
A knock comes to the door just as we make it to the stairs. “The world is against us. We have limited time before Ryett gets home; we need to make this snappy.” I snap my fingers.
“You snap at me again, and I’ll have to fig you.”
“There’s so many other things I wished you’d do.” I say as he opens the door. Ah. That’s cold. Did I mention I’m still naked? 
Mitch is on the porch looking at us. “Oh, hi. We’re a little busy. Can you come back say this side of never?”
Before Mitch can respond, the door swings closed. “Now… Where were we?” Sam says, carrying me back to the stairs.
“Shower Sammy. I’ve been a dirty girl, and I need a good cleaning.”

J. Haney was born and raised in Kentucky, currently residing in Greenup County, Kentucky with her family, where she is the proud momma to Jessalyn Kristine. J. Haney’s work tends to lean toward real life, drawing her readers into a world they can get lost inside. 

S.I. Hayes was born and bred in New England and is currently living in Ohio. Running around Connecticut, she used all of her family and friends as inspiration for her many novels. When not writing Paranormal Drama or Erotic Romance, she can be found drawing one of many fabulous book covers or teasers.

Since Meeting in 2016, the pair have embarked on the journey of a thousand tales. Keep your eyes open and a fresh pair of panties close by. You know, just in case.

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When the Whistler Calls Tour & Giveaway

When the Whistler Calls
by Carla Day
Genre: Psychological Suspense

Print Length: 166 pages
Publisher: Gator House Publishing
Publication Date: August 1, 2019 

What if everything you knew about your life turned out to be a lie? And the people who you love and trust the most, aren't who they say they are?Meet Rosie Morgan. After news of her husband's fatal car crash, Rosie learns of his secret life. A life that will put her in the path of a sinister nightmare and The Whistler. As Rosie's dreams of the whistling man become more real, she will stop at nothing to figure out his identity. While searching, a dark doorway opens to her childhood, where more secrets unravel, leaving her questioning who she really is.Will she find out what The Whistler wants before it is too late? Or will her past catch up to her? Who is Rosie Morgan?

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Carla was born in Leicestershire in 1970, to parents Barrie and Pamela Day. She moved from place to place, not really settling anywhere for any length of time but collecting life stories along the way, which she would one day pen, on a weather-beaten log in Wales, with her dog by her side.

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The Caster Prophecy Series Tour & Giveaway

Caster Prophecy Book 1 
by LaVerne Lewis 
Genre: Urban Fantasy

She's a human with a busted ticker. He's an ancient warlock. The only thing they have in common are birthmarks that flare to the point of pain when they're together. But fate has other ideas… 

Studying abroad despite her advancing heart disease, Leilani Gibson squeezes all the joy she can out of life. Literally bumping into the most handsome guy she's ever seen while Christmas shopping should be the best thing that's happened to her in quite some time, but she knows he'll disappear when he discovers her secret. 

Born into a family of Casters, Stellan Kierkegaard lives his life away from the reminder that he alone is the only one un-mated in his coven. When he collides with Leilani at a Montreal mall, his gallant attempt to get her to the hospital when she succumbs to congestive heart failure takes an unexpected turn. Now he’s forced to withhold some secrets of his own. 

Stellan poses as Leilani's fiancé until she gets the medical care she needs, but the more time they spend together, the more intense their feelings become as their birthmarks flare. If Caster prophecy is to be believed, and this reaction is only triggered in true soul mates, they must hide this fact from a trio of zealous Caster royals who have been tricked once. 

The Caster couple who bears the foretold birthmark is prophesied to knit dark and light covens to lead the Caster World. Yet how can this be when Leilani is by every indication, mortal? 

Caster Prophecy Book 2

When the most precious Caster artifact goes missing, its retrieval becomes the difference between peace and civil war. 

Powerful warlock, Stellan Kierkegaard was united with his Caster’s Canticle in Leilani Gibson, whom he believed to be human, but is actually an equally powerful Caster who’s been raised by human parents. During surgery to repair Leilani’s severely damaged heart, the power which someone had been siphoning from her since childhood was returned, revealing her true nature. 

Now, the Kierkegaard coven is on the run from their governing body, The Hemlock Society, and the unknown person or persons who plotted to relieve Leilani of her power. Shortly after learning that the second half of the Caster Prophecy, the Caster’s Opus, has been stolen from the Hemlock Society in Stockholm, Leilani is kidnapped, sending Stellan into a Caster rage. 

Will Stellan and Leilani retrieve the Caster’s Opus in time to join the Dark and Light covens together as prophesied, or will the Caster World descend into chaos? 

Caster Prophecy Book 3

Ruling the Caster World proves dangerous, but is it as dangerous as a little-known prophecy which could be the final triumph? 

Stellan and Leilani Kierkegaard balance marriage, governing an underground race of magical beings, an investigation to discover who her biological parents are, all while completing their matriculation at an Ivy League school. It seems all too easy until their lead Caster investigator turns up dead, and every conceivable clue leads back to someone trying to keep her parents’ identity a secret. 

When Leilani’s grad school bestie learns the secret they’re sworn to keep at all costs, things get even more interesting in their world, particularly, the fact that her in-laws may not share her views, or fondness for humans, when it comes to the existence of Casters in a world dominated by them. Combine all this with the discovery that there’s yet another prophecy which must be fulfilled in order for them to reign over the Caster World in relative peace and prosperity. 

Will Stellan and Leilani have to make the same choice her Caster parents had to make to safeguard their legacy, or will prophecy protect their Masterpiece? 

LaVerne Lewis grew up watching shows like Dark Shadows, Bewitched and later Charmed and Supernatural. Her favorite authors in the genre include Anne Rice, Stephen King, Karen Marie Moning and J.R. Ward which cemented her fondness for Urban Fantasy and the Paranormal. While she works by day in an office writing dry contract language, her love for Urban Fantasy compelled her to pursue writing the types of books she loves. Now she writes her own Paranormal Romance novels in the hope that someday her name will be synonymous with her idols’. 

$25 Amazon gift card 

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Wounded Heroes Anthology Tour & Giveaway

Wounded Heroes Anthology
Genre: Contemporary Military Romance
with stories by
Pamela Ackerson, Debra Parmley, Teri Riggs, Maggie Adams, Nia Farell

Five Degrees of heartwarming to melting stories ─ Five stand-alone love stories with swoon-worthy heroes that will leave you breathless from award-winning International, USA Today, and Amazon bestselling authors Pamela Ackerson, Debra Parmley, Teri Riggs, Maggie Adams, and Nia Farrell.

* A Rosa for Russell ~ Who in their right mind falls in love with the enemy?

** Two Step, New Steps  ~ Wounded cop Len Yardley doesn’t expect to find love while he’s healing from a gunshot wound but the air force veteran can’t help falling for perky Leanne Bobbin who brings out his protective instincts and makes him laugh.

*** Bringing Her Home ~ Can Thomas Raintree bring home the woman he loves, but had to leave behind?

**** As Time Goes By ~ Blake’s determined to find out who killed his best friend, and his widow holds the key ...not only to the murder, but also to Blake’s heart. 

***** Fallen ~ An Army chaplain priest’s faith is tested when he falls for his PTSD therapist.

**Only .99 cents!!**

Wife, mother, international and Amazon bestselling author, and time traveling adventurer. Born and raised in Newport, RI where history is a way of life, Pamela Ackerson now lives on the Space Coast of Florida where everyone is encouraged to reach for the stars! A hop, skip, and jump from Disney World and fun-filled imagination and fantasy. Non-fiction, WW2, inspirational, self-help marketing and advertising, historical fiction, time travel, westerns, Native American, and children's preschool/first reader books.

Debra Parmley enjoys writing historical romance and writes a 1920's flappers romance series, each book about a different flapper. She also writes contemporary and holiday romance, a dystopian romance trilogy; paranormal romance, fairy tale romance and poetry.

She is a professional speaker and a world traveler who often brings home folk tales and music from countries she has visited.

Her five favorite things are shooting primitive archery with her Mongolian horse bow, shooting long guns, shooting pool, walking on the beach, and hearing from her readers. Each card and letter is a joyful treasure, like finding that perfect shell on the beach.

Teri Riggs is a USA Today Bestselling author. As a child, Teri made up her own bedtime stories. When her children came along, Teri always tweaked the fairy tales she told her daughters, giving them a bit more punch and better endings when needed.

Now she spends her days turning her ideas into books. She lives in Marietta, GA with her husband.

Maggie Adams is an international and Amazon Best Selling romance author. Her first book in the Tempered Steel Series, Whistlin' Dixie, debuted in Amazon's Top 100 for Women's Fiction, humor, on November 2014. Since then, she has consistently made the Amazon best seller 5-star list with her books. HerTempered Steel Series has launched the tiny town of Grafton, Illinois, into international recognition with sales in Mexico, Ireland, Scotland, Australia and the UK and her follow-up paranormal series, Legends, looks to do the same! She is the recipient of the Dayreader Reviews Best of 2015 for Leather and Lace, the Readers Favorite Award for Something's Gotta Give in 2016, the Indie Romance Convention Romantic Comedy Award 2017 for Forged in Fire and the 2017 New Apple Awards nomination - Suspense for Cold as Ice.

Author Nia Farrell is a four-times Golden Flogger Finalist, a founding member of the Wicked Pens, and a multi-genre author who is published in nonfiction, poetry, music, articles, and children's books, with one documentary screenplay under her literary belt. She had nine nominations in the 2016 Summer Indie Book Awards; her BDSM MMF ménage erotic historical As Wicked as You Want was voted #1 Erotica and #10 overall in The 50 Best Indie Books of 2016, and Pride and Punishment was voted Best Historical Romance in the 2017 Menages Romance Readers Favorites.

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