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Stolen Moments Tour Susan Meachen

Stolen Moments Susan Meachen Erotic Contemporary Romance

A truly funny story about who I am and what I’ve done to my life. 

Most women hate me because of who I am. You can call me a lot of things except, ordinary. See I’m no one’s mother and no man’s wife. I’m what everyone wants to be and that’s free. Being tied down to a relationship isn’t ever going to happen in my lifetime or so that's how the plan was supposed to go. Then he happened.

St├ęphane Biggs. A sigh here and a moan there has quickly become the highlight of my month. Something about the man makes me dream wet and wish for something more. But we agreed from the start it’d be a little fun and nothing more. I need more.

Can a few stolen moments be turned into a lifetime of happiness, or am I better off leaving the suburban life to the soccer moms? Am I willing to let go of everything I have worked so hard to gain to be a wife, maybe a mother, or can I have it all?

(Stolen Moments © 2019 Meachen)

Life is all about those stolen moments in time! My name is Melanie James I’m the Public Relations Coordinator for one of the largest airlines in the world everything about my life looks perfect from the outside world hell it looks good from here also. There’s no husband, boyfriend, roommate, or child I have to answer to it’s me and my dream job. Work hard six days a week and party even harder seven days a week unless a recovery day is needed. Have a nightstand full of toys if I get extra lonely between fuck buddies but that’s never really been a problem. All my college friends have gotten married and/or had kids already. See them on rare occasions if they are in the corporate world at fundraisers or a cocktail party other than that it’s myself with a few friends I’ve made in my climb up the corporate ladder at Silvers Airline. One such friend just happens to be the attorney for the corporation, and he’s my newest fuck buddy and we are on the schedule to see each other this week which means he’ll be warming my bed for at least one night this week.

(Stolen Moments © 2019 Meachen)

Watching as he stands, he unbuttons his pants pushing them down mid-thigh before he sits back down on the sofa beside me and pulls me onto his lap.  Adjusting my position slowly lowering myself onto his massive cock each inch that slides in is almost enough to make me explode. Pacing my movements as I want this to be burned into my memory bank for the rest of my life. When the last inch slips in I clench my inner muscles just to hear him moan. Sitting perfectly still I savior the moment before his hands clamp onto my hips and he guides me to move up and down his dick, on every downward thrust, I rotate my hips a bit forward to hit that perfect spot inside. Just as I’m certain we both are going to explode from the ride he’s getting he pushes me from his lap. When he doesn’t bark out any commands I bend over the arm of the sofa as he fucks me from behind and as he holds onto my breast where he pinches the nipple between his finger and thumb the sound of his balls smacking my thighs is enough to send me spiraling out into my release. A few minutes later I hear him mumble my names as he rams hard into me as he lets go and empties himself in me. The warmth of his cum sends small waves of pleasure through me. Slouching across the arm of the sofa I slowly regain my breath. Oh, that so gave him a better chance at getting me to let him back into my bed. It’s wasn’t as rough as I’d like to play nor did it have any kink added to it but it was a solid good fuck.  He has potential to be a great fuck buddy with a bit of suggestion here and there. As he lifts his self-up off my back, he fastens his trousers and drops his shirt across the sofa. Listening to him straightening himself I wonder how much of a player he really is?

(Stolen Moments © 2019 Meachen)

Hearing a commotion outside my office door has me turning from my view to see St├ęphane Biggs standing in my doorway with poor little Mary standing behind him.
  “Sorry, Ms. James but he just stormed right past me even when I told him you were on a phone call.”
  “Aden let me call you back later seems there’s some business here that can’t wait.”
  “It’s fine Mary why don’t you go ahead go to lunch and can you bring me a Greek salad back please?”
  “Mary no need to pick Ms. James lunch up we’re going to have a working lunch today.”
  Mary stands stock still not moving one way or another. Even though I’m her boss in every manner it seems Mr. Biggs even has a bit of power over her.
  “Mary it’s fine just go ahead. If need be, we can order something later.”
  “Now Mr. Biggs what is so important you needed to interrupt a business phone call and scare the hell out of my sectary?”
  “Melanie you’ve been ignoring me for days now you even moved out of the hotel in California without a word to anyone. I understand we agreed to split ways but also thought we’d agreed to do it after the trip. How do you think it made me feel Friday night when my date for the party slipped away with another man?”
 “First what or when I do things has no bearing on you or anyone else as there’s no ring on my finger from anyone other than myself. How dare you stand in my office lecturing me on what was done in California when you sir have a woman hid away in your home. That I’m certain has no clue who or what you are. For sure she has no clue that you’ve been fucking me for months right under her nose and you care so little for either of us that you kept it a secret.”
  Watching as the color drains from his face lets me know for certain my words and my suspensions were dead on. That’s how I can say without a doubt no man will ever have that much control over me ever again. He has proven that all men are all about their pleasure and be dammed what the woman feels or wants.  Before I have time to react or think of what to say next, he slams the door to my office hard enough to shake the pictures on my desk. When he turns back towards me his beautiful brown eyes aren’t full of mischief, they are brown almost black orbs filled with fury in them.
“Ms. James how do you know about Megan and who the hell have you been talking to?” When he hisses his warning to me, I step back as if he may hit me. “Listen to me you are never allowed to say her name and you need to keep whatever information you have gained to your damn self or I’ll make you wish we’d never met. Are we clear here?”


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I've been a reader for as long as I can recall my favorite Genre is Historical Romance it's my go-to. Author is just one of many hats I wore in my everyday life. I live in my hometown in Tennessee with my husband of 25 years with my 4 pet snakes and one very spoiled cat named HellBoy she's a mess. I have three grown children also three grandbabies. Most of my time is spent working on some new book or a cover for a book. If you'd like, you can find me on all social media outlets under Susan Meachen

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Addy Archer is a contemporary and romantic suspense writer who loves rough bikers twisted with a hint of romance and sassy women. She currently has one complete series: Rebel Rage MC. When she isn’t working hard on her next book, she enjoys long walks with her dog, traveling, and reading.