Thursday, October 25, 2018

Hidden (Tri Moons, #1)

When the truth has been hidden from you for years, how do you find the strength to trust love?

I was just a regular girl, living a normal life. My “normal” life was thrown into chaos when I learned that not only was I surrounded by supernatural beings, but the life I’d thought was my own, wasn’t. Everything I thought I knew was a lie. Someone had erased my memories and replaced them with fabrications. Who would do that? And why? What else had been kept hidden from me? With me questioning everything in my life, how was I going to find the strength to trust the man laying claim to my heart?

My life was anything but normal. I lived in a world of magic and mystery. I’d never wanted anything normal. Until her. From the moment I laid eyes on her, I wanted her like I’d never wanted anyone before. She called not just to me as a man, but also to the beast hidden within. He rose within me to claim her. Having found the missing half of my soul, I’d do whatever it took to make her my mate. Could I convince her to trust me and trust her heart? And if I succeeded, could she survive in my world? With all that’s been kept hidden from her, could she find a way to accept not just me, but my beast and the magic within me?

Tri Moons Hidden is book one of an enchanted series. Hidden throws readers into the mystical world of Jasinda, whose story has only just begun. Find out how her journey continues in book two.

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