Saturday, October 31, 2020

Black Isis: Witch Academy Blog Tour

Title: Black Isis: Witch Academy
Author: Roz Carter 
Genre: YA Fantasy 

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Kiya Covington is your typical teenager — she deals with family stuff, friend drama, her mom, who is… a challenge. Oh, and she’s a witch. Actually, she comes from a long line of Black witches, but that’s just ordinary life for Kiya. 

When tragedy strikes at home, instead of being comforted by her family, she’s sent off to the exclusive Black Isis Witch Academy. From the little information she’s given, it’s the academy where witches from all the best Black witch families go for finishing.

Black Isis sits protected by ancient magic, undisturbed in The Great Dismal Swamp in North Carolina. What happens during her first year at Black Isis is beyond anything Kiya could have imagined. She and the other baby witches will forge bonds and break them as they learn what it means to study their craft under the watchful eye of Headmistress Pendergrass, at Black Isis Witch Academy.

Black Isis is the spellbinding story of Kiya Covington, a young, Black teenage witch. If you want a story filled with the adventures of teenage witches learning their craft in a witch academy unlike any other, Black Isis Witch Academy is for you.



About Roz

Roz Carter lives in one of the most haunted neighborhoods in
Philadelphia. She holds a degree in English with a Creative Writing concentration from the University of Pennsylvania. While she enjoys writing in numerous genres, she often returns to the sinister.  

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