Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Interview with Brittany Holland

​What is your real, birth name? What name do you use? Brittany Holland
Do you have a nickname? What is it, and where did you get it? My friends usually call me Britt or B
How do you dress most of the time? Comfy! leggings or skinny jeans and comfy tops.
How do you "dress up?" I do love to dress up! I do a smokey eye or a bold red lip, but always in classic black.
How do you "dress down?" pajamas lol?
Do you wear any jewelry? Wedding ring and other rings. Bracelet or necklaces.
In your opinion, what is your best feature? My sense of humor.
What's your real birth date? 11/26
Where do you live? Describe it: Is it messy, neat, avant-garde, sparse, etc.? In the midwest. A rural town and I strive to be neat, but I always tend to have clutter.
Do you own a car? Describe it. Yes, pearl white SUV.
What one word best describes you? Compassionate

What was your family like? loud

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