Friday, June 14, 2024

Review: Love Me

I’d rather end the corrupt legacy I was born into than lose her a second time. 

Love Me, an all-new first love to enemies to lovers, second chance, dark college romance, and the first book in the Corrupt Legacy Series from bestselling author Bianca Borell is now available!


My initiation was determined on the day I was born. I would pledge my allegiance to the Family, but I didn’t know it would cost me my soul. Family should come before anything else, but my loyalty will always be to the woman I love and lost. Now Celine is back and set to destroy me. She thinks we’re done. We will never be done. I’d rather end the corrupt legacy I was born into than lose her a second time.


I made the biggest mistake of my life by trusting Kaden. He cast me away as if I was nothing to him. Now, I am back and I’m determined to make him pay for betraying me. I buried my love for him, but focusing on revenge was harder than expected. His presence stirs a longing in me nothing could extinguish. I can’t afford to lose focus and let him back in. But it feels like that’s a battle I am destined to lose.

challenging, dark, emotional, tense, medium-paced

Plot- or character-driven? A mix
Strong character development? Yes
Loveable characters? Yes

This is a gripping and intense romance novel that is a perfect fit for readers who crave a passionate and tumultuous love story with a strong focus on loyalty, family, and the complexities of relationships, making it a must-read for fans of dramatic and suspenseful romance.

Tags for Me:
second-chance, dark, college, kindle-unlimited, all-the-feels, enemies-to-lovers, first-love, tortured-lead, emotional-scars, secret-societies, twists-and-turns, world-building, steamy, morally-grey

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