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New Release Blast! Pebbles Lacasse My Best Friend's Brother Rule Breakers #1


My Best Friend’s Brother

Rule Breakers #1
by Pebbles Lacasse

A Taboo, BDSM, Erotic Romance


Be mine for one night,” he said. But will one night be enough to satiate their fantasies?

Years ago, the loss of Oryana’s brother faded the sunshine from her home, and the air grew heavy with the sounds of sobs from behind closed doors. The Busi family gave her hope that not all households live in a permanent depression.

Oryana Classe and Devon Busi were never meant to hook up. A pact made with Flora—Oryana’s best friend and Devon’s sister—set it in stone. But when the object of a teenage heartthrob promises a night she’ll never forget, Ory decides vows can be broken.

The confession to Flora that her dominant brother had Oryana writhing beneath him would be horrid, but to discover feelings have developed between them would be so much crueler.

Flora is her rock, but the reality of Devon supersedes anything Oryana has ever imagined.

He’s too good to be true. Taboo usually is.

How can she walk away from him?

Choose him, and Flora may be gone forever. Choose Flora, and Ory will be back to fantasizing about her adult love that could never be.

Pebbles Lacase is an Amazon top-selling romantic erotica author of plot-driven contemporary suspense.
She loves to make readers’ hearts throb and entertain their minds while leaving their bodies tingling with desire. She leans toward spinning tales of bad boys with big hearts desiring women who didn’t know they had a kinky side.
She’s known for stories of women with hardened shells and dominant natures but who hold a secret yearning to be loved.
Her books and short stories often take her readers into the BDSM lifestyle while revolving around real-life issues.
Her captivating stories of romance, love, and tender moments keep her readers coming back for the next hottest story, knowing there will always be a happy-ever-after or happy-for-now ending because we all want life to work out in the end. 









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