Thursday, January 18, 2024

She Who Watches Welcome To Petals #1 By Elanore Bailey


She Who Watches

Welcome To Petals #1

Elanore Bailey

A Spicy, Voyeristic, Age Gap, Billionaire Romance featuring a BDSM Club and Insta-lust with a Mysterious Stranger.



Watching is half the fun.

My name is Edith, and I am a Professional Voyeur. I am paid to watch those who like to be seen. But what happens when one man wants to see me?

Can I keep it professional and fight the urge to fulfill my own desires, or will I succumb and let myself become part of the fantasy?

She Who Watches was originally published on Kindle Vella and then released as a Novella. Now, with a new Cover, it has been expanded to a full novel!! Welcome to Petals, a club where all eyes are on you… If that’s what you like. ;P

Adult Content, not a YA Novel.

Elanore lives in a small West Virginia town with her husband, son, and fur children. She always dreamed of being an author and finally took the plunge utilizing Kindle Vella as a platform to experiment and explore what she enjoys. Elanore loves to write romance with a lot of spice, though she plans to try multiple genres.

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