Thursday, November 9, 2023

#ReleaseBlast Ella Ever After by Elanore Bailey and a Party!


Ella Ever After


Elanore Bailey

Slow Burn Cinderella PNR Retilling, with a Vampire Prince



Some humans soar, others sweep.

Bonded in debt since birth, all Ella has ever wanted was to keep her head down, fulfill her duties, and earn her freedom, but when Vampire Prince Rainer calls upon her Mistress’ house to announce a ball, her world begins to shift.

Offered a way out from under her bond, will Ella find her freedom with this Prince Charming or find herself locked into shackles of a different kind?

Ella Ever After was originally published in Kindle Vella. It is a loose adaptation of the Classic Cinderella with a paranormal twist and contains scenes of an adult nature that may not be suitable for sensitive readers.

Join the Party!
Readers join to play- 9am-9pm EST November 11th!

Elanore lives in a small West Virginia town with her husband, son, and fur children. She always dreamed of being an author and finally took the plunge utilizing Kindle Vella as a platform to experiment and explore what she enjoys. Elanore loves to write romance with a lot of spice, though she plans to try multiple genres.

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