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by Jerry Harwood


GENRE:  Sweet Romance



When event planner Megan Rouche's boyfriend lands a job in Atlanta, he proposes. But she chooses to stay in her small Tennessee town to care for her grandmother. There she kindles a new relationship. However, all is in jeopardy when Frank returns on behalf of his Atlanta company with big plans to develop a new factory in Bakewell and marry Megan.



Frank closed the passenger side door and stretched. He was chuckling. He walked around the car, and picked the keys off the ground. He clicked the remote and the car gave its resonant “beep, beep.” Frank reached to check that the door was locked before bending over to offer Megan help up.

Megan took his hand and lifted herself off the ground. Her knee had a small trickle of blood and some gravel clinging to the wound. 

Frank unlocked the driver-side door, releasing the captive scarf. He scooped the scarf off the ground as he said, “Right in a puddle. You probably ruined it. And I just bought this for you too.”

“I’m sorry,” Megan said. She continued to brush off the gravel dust from her blouse and seasonal skirt. Her skirt had a damp section. Her hair pin had been shifted so her curly mop of hair threatened to burst loose from its cage. She figured it probably looked like a hornet’s nest, if it was indeed even that orderly. She looked back at Frank. “Will you help me.” she pleaded.

“That holly bush will rip these suede pants to smithereens. But I tell you what, sweetie, I’ll go see if I can find someone to come help you.” With that, Frank walked off toward the barn. Megan had no time to waste. She walked over to the holly bush. Bending over, she felt a jolt of pain in her bad knee. She scolded the bush with a pointed finger as she reached in for her envelope. Reclaiming the marriage certificate cost her a thorn and a new tear in her blouse. She avoided having anything prickly barb her legs, though. Megan thanked her mother for her genes. Being 6’2” had its advantages when arguing with holly bushes.

Megan collected her other papers, assembling them in as much an order as she could muster. The once-pristine notebook now looked like something out of a third grader’s bookbag. Limping back to the car, she pulled the door latch. She had a repair kit for her heels. A wedding planner must be ready for anything! The Prius was locked. She scanned the parking lot for Frank. There were several people talking nearby, but he was not among them. She felt the perspiration on her brow. A man in a tux pointed at his watch. He tapped it before looking around the parking lot. Looking for me. He is looking for his wedding planner.

Her own watch said 3:45. She wanted to be early, and, officially, she had fifteen minutes before she was late. Megan took off her good shoe. She snapped the heel off and returned it to her foot. Better to have two things broken the same way, than hobble along with one good and one bad. She picked up the now empty folder. Slowly, she began walking to each scattered paper, placing a foot on it to stop its movement, and reclaiming it to the folder. Then, materials in hand, she stumbled down the sidewalk toward the front door of the barn and the wedding party.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Jerry Harwood was born in Ooltewah, TN. His mother was an elementary school teacher and he spent his afternoons reading books in her classroom or the nearby public library. He currently is a writer, which makes sense based on the fact you are reading this here. He has experimented with other occupations: camp director, program director at a counseling center, college professor and middle school teacher. Jerry has backpacked Europe, taught in a Ukrainian University, worked in Rwanda after the genocide, is a first responder, sort-of remodeled a VW Thing, and has a love for Cherry Coke Zero that is only surpassed by his love for his wife, six children, and grandson. He is chairs the Writer’s Track at ConNooga, and actively participates in the Chattanooga Writer's Guild where he previously served as a board member.

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