Monday, July 11, 2022

Soul of Eli w/ Pamela Gail


Soul of Eli

by Pamela Gail

Coming Of Age Literary Fiction




Choosing a future is never easy.

Eli Sterling is the star pitcher on his high school baseball team. He has a bright future in the majors, but recently, something has changed.

He’s angry, moody, and scared

It seems that no matter how hard he works, he always falls short in someone’s eyes. 

Except for Izzy. She is his best friend and the only one who understands. 

As he begins to question everything about who he is and what he truly wants for his future, the only place he finds peace is in the treehouse that sits between his house and Izzy’s. 

Both a blessing and a curse, their bond keeps him together, even as he slowly spirals out of control and realizes that not all is what it seems, and learns that it’s okay to reach for the dream.

Adolescent Angst

Substance Use



Pamela Gail was raised in the rich, coastal traditions of southeast Georgia. She has been married to her husband, Rick, for over 20 years, and they have two sons. As a wife and mother, she finds solitude and comfort in her creative outlets. Pamela expresses herself through stories that relay her deep appreciation of family and the virtue of life. Her hobbies include writing, reading, listening to music, wine tasting and watching football.

After graduating from college in South Carolina, Pamela returned to her hometown and was blessed with an amazing twenty-year career teaching elementary school. In 2018, she made the decision to leave the only job she’d ever known in order to pursue her life-long dream of becoming a published author.

In addition to writing, she owns two businesses that keep her busy. With little time to relax, Pamela cherishes the free time she has and enjoys spending it with family and friends. 









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