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#NewRelease Path Of The Heartbeats by Pamela Gail

Path of the Heartbeats

Where the Path Leads

by Pamela Gail

New Adult College Romance/

Contemporary Romance





The road to love isn’t always easy, even when heartbeats are connected.

Wylde and Dallas are neighbors with little in common. He sees a stuck-up girl who’s too good for their parties and would rather study than have fun, while Dallas sees a jerk who thinks getting drunk and laid is the key to happiness.

When Wylde’s kid brother shows up unexpectedly, Dallas witnesses the softer side of Wylde and is intrigued. She watches the way he cares for Motley and begins to realize she was wrong about him.

Will the path lead Dallas and Wylde to each other or will the journey through family problems, broken promises, and tragedies be too difficult to endure?





      I must’ve dozed off because I’m startled by the sounds of a girl screaming. It takes me a minute to realize its screams of passion, not pain or fear. Dean. He has someone in his room almost every night. That boy has more sex in a week than I’ve had all year. This one’s annoying as shit. I can’t stand a screamer. I dig my phone out of my back pocket. Almost five. Please shut that girl up. I need to be up by seven.
     Having two roommates living college life while I’m trying to make money isn’t working, but I can’t afford to move out. I can barely cover a third of the bills. There’s no way I can live on my own, but I might not have another choice if this continues.
I finally fell back to sleep. When I open my eyes again, it’s too bright in my room.
     “Shit!” I yell, looking at my phone. It’s ten after seven. I forgot to set my alarm.
    It’s too late for a shower or breakfast. I quickly change my shirt and roll on some deodorant, but other than that, I’m in the same clothes I wore for nineteen hours yesterday. If my deodorant doesn’t hold up, I’m going to smell like ass all day.
     The apartment is finally quiet, but people are passed out on the couch and floor. Shaking my head at the scene, I maneuver around bodies heading for the door.
    “My roommates are idiots,” I mumble to myself, slamming the door behind me. When I look up, Dallas, the girl in the apartment across from us, is staring at me.
     “Rough morning?” she questions with a smirk. She probably thinks I was in there partying all night like the rest of them.
     “Just running late,” I clip.
     Without another word, I rush down the stairs to my car. I know I should have let her go first, but I turn into a dick every time I see her. She moved in about a year ago, and I’ve been crushing hard ever since. I don’t know what it is about her. She never comes to our parties; she acts stuck up, and her roommate says she studies and works all the time. Definitely not my type. But damn, she does something to me. Maybe it’s because she’s mysterious. I don’t know much about Dallas, but I’m completely drawn to her. Plus, she’s gorgeous, with long, wavy black hair and piercing green eyes. Today she has her hair pulled up and is wearing her glasses. Man, I love it when she wears glasses. I knew if I didn’t get away from her, I would do something stupid like drool or ask her out. I don’t need that complication in my life right now.

Pamela Gail was raised in the rich, coastal traditions of southeast Georgia. She has been married to her husband, Rick, for over 20 years, and they have two sons. As a wife and mother, she finds solitude and comfort in her creative outlets. Pamela expresses herself through stories that relay her deep appreciation of family and the virtue of life. Her hobbies include writing, reading, listening to music, wine tasting, and watching football.

After graduating from college in South Carolina, Pamela returned to her hometown and was blessed with an amazing twenty-year career teaching elementary school. In 2018, she made the decision to leave the only job she’d ever known in order to pursue her life-long dream of becoming a published author.

In addition to writing, she owns two businesses that keep her busy. With little time to relax, Pamela cherishes the free time she has and enjoys spending it with family and friends.










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