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All My Love Release

Title: All My Love
Series: Fated Loves #4
Author: Zee Irwin
Genre: Enemies to Lovers Romance
Release Date: December 31, 2021


When her enemy becomes her roommate, there is only one thing she can do. Fall deeper in love.

Hank Amato was everything Bella wanted. He checked all her boxes except one: his eyes couldn't get past her sister. So she turned him into her enemy. It broke her heart every time she was mean to him. Thanks to a twisted turn of fate, he moved in for the summer. Surprise! They're suddenly roommates.

Bella Masters was the most beautiful of all the sisters, and she made it abundantly clear Hank should stay far away from her. That was easy for Hank to do until now. Forced together for a summer, things started heating up. Hank did the only thing he could think of to keep her away: He attempted to be her matchmaker. It didn't work.

When siblings and family secrets get in the way, will a summer truce decide their fate?

All My Love is the standalone/fourth book in the delicious Fated Loves contemporary romance series. If you like strong women, conflicted men, bits of humor, and steamy open doors, then you’ll adore Zee Irwin’s gorgeous tale.


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The connection our lips made was dizzying, like our two hearts finally took a leap of faith and jumped onto the spinning merry-go-round ride in my mind. Hank’s kisses pursued me, and I never wanted them to stop. I feared if I released him, letting go or thrown off this ride, I’d end up tossed away and broken once again.
The room spiraled around us, out of control, swept away by his show of passion toward me. As far as I knew, the path for us cleared, the future bright. He was mine now. There was no turning back.
When he pulled away, I opened my eyes, only then realizing his confusion and overthinking.
“Bella, I need time, and to think about this.”
He what?
My shoulders drooped. He backtracked.
“Look, you’re sexy as hell, and being cooped up in this apartment with you for the better part of a month has me very confused. Remember the night we were together at Cass’s wedding? I replay that night repeatedly in my head. The memory messes with me daily. It’d be so easy to carry you to bed right now and finish what we started back then. But—”
Oh God. Yes, I consented. Carry me away. No buts.
“—I know you’d want more than one night of sex with me.”
Um, hello? “Of course I want more. I want us. Don’t you?” Now, the confused one was me. His kisses were all the way on the same page as me. Without a doubt, I felt it. “Why are you overthinking this?”
He dropped his hands and reached for his suitcase. “It’s what I do about everything. I’ve been trying to avoid thinking about any possibility of something between us this whole time. I need space to figure things out.” He moved to the door, but I grabbed his hand on the way.
“What’s to figure out? We both feel things for each other, I’m sure of it.”
“Yeah, but what about the future, for one thing? I plan to head back to Florida after the gala event. Where would that leave us, Bella?”
“I don’t have all the answers. But I know you well, Mr. Man-always-with-a-plan. Just this once, can’t you put aside planning and simply go with it? Let’s be together for the summer and see where this leads. Like a—a summer truce.” I scrambled to find something, anything, to make him stay. And I liked the idea of trying things out between us, giving in, letting this thing happen, seeing if it really had legs to go the distance. “Yes, a truce for the rest of the summer, where we’re together, exploring what could be between us. Then, at the end of the summer, we can revisit things, see where we stand.”
I could see the wheels turning in his head. “Like an experiment?”
“Yes. Exactly. Stay, Hank, please, let’s talk things through.”
“If I stay the night, we’ll be doing a helluva lot more than talking. That’s a promise.”
“Why would that be such a bad thing?” I batted my eyes at him.
He chuckled and drew me into his arms in a full embrace, as if together we escaped from the past. My arms squeezed around him, locking us in the present.
“A truce for the summer, huh?”
I kissed up his neck, not stopping until I reached his lips, speaking on them. “Yes. A truce will decide our fate. Stay with me, Hank.”
“Mm.” He groaned into my kisses. “You’re making this very hard for me to leave.”
I dipped my hand down his torso, daring further down, brushing fingertips over his bulge.
“Yes, I can tell. It’s very hard.”
He laughed, tightening his arms around me and lifting me until my feet were off the floor. Yes. This. I’d always wanted to know what one of his hugs felt like after seeing him lift Cassidy. My moment was here, my feet floated off the floor, and I needed this to last.
Now it was my turn at Hank, all to myself. Without a care for how the summer would end, I knew I’d fight to keep him, no matter what happened. And, taking Maddie’s advice, I wasn’t feeling second best. When he lifted me into his arms and carried me to the bedroom, I was the winning one this time.


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Releasing April 15


Author Zee Irwin is afraid of dark basements and won’t watch any movies of the paranormal kind. That’s why she writes steamy contemporary romance with a little humor.

Her heroines are passionate women overcoming all odds to find their own version of success. Her heroes are Alpha, Gamma, or cinnamon roll men who adore their ladies. And Zee’s stories always end happily ever after.

Zee is a bit of sunshine, living in Pennsylvania with her own grumpy alpha guy, two teenage boys, and a faithful golden retriever. While writing in a cottage on her property, she believes luck is just a four-letter word for work and takes pride in building her self-publishing empire.

Visit her at to keep up to date on her latest work in progress.


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