Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Author Services Sales for Fall!

Thanksgiving Week Sales

November 22nd - November 30th

$.003 Per Word

We at Haney Hayes Promotions will format your manuscript to meet the standards needed to publish both e-book and paperback, for the likes of Amazon, and D2D, as well as Ingram. If looking to do smash-words as well an additional fee of $25.00+ shall be added as it's a secondary format altogether. We can add images and specialty fonts where applicable (client cost)

Designs start at-
**$75.00 e-book,
**$200.00 for full wrap and e-book

Haney Hayes Promotions will create a beautiful custom design with your ideas and the book's story at the forefront. Bring us your favorite scene, and let's see if we can bring it to the page.

Each custom cover comes with 3 custom teasers, a FB banner, and a 3d book image, as well as a social media-ready image for PR purposes! 

Custom Teasers  *Client provided Content

3 Teasers $15

5 Teasers $20

10 Teasers $35

Custom Teasers *Client suggested Content

3 Teasers $25

5 Teasers $35

10 Teasers $65

PA Services - 

$150 Month to Month up to 2 Pen names, or 40 Titles. 
$50.00 Each additional pen name or up to 20 additional titles.

Tour and Blitz Packets (Creating Promotional Material)
Helping Maintain Calendar/Schedules for Tours, Parties, Interviews, Take-Overs, ETC.
ARC distribution and maintain Review Team, 
Beta Reader Maintenance
Run & Maintain Street Team
Finding Book Signings (when available)
Organizing contests and giveaways
Blog post topic ideas to the author
Schedule and Promote blog posts
Help with research topics and subjects. 
Contacting graphic designers (Note: We offer these services at a discount to PA clients)
Promoting through Our social media and interacting with followers on the following networks;
Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blog, Instagram, Website, TikTok

PR Services - Requires 30 days to set up hence 3-month min.
$450 (3 Months) $900 (6 Months) $1800 (1 Year)

2-6 month Payment Options.
Unlimited Tour and Blitz Packets (Promotional Material)
Calendar/Schedules for Tours, Parties, Interviews, Take-Overs, ETC.
Sending out ARCs for releases and tours (preparing ARC's is an added service charge of $25 per ARC.)
Contacting blogs for reviews and giveaways
Organizing contests and giveaways
Promoting through our social media and interacting with followers

Once you've decided which services you want please use this form to have us contact you! 

We are PayPal Verified

*Client provided Content- Client supplies materials for creation- Images, verbiage from sources needed, etc.

*Client suggested Content- Client gives loose parameters within their branding for us to locate and create material.

All design work requires a 1/3 down payment to begin the project, which will be applied to the final cost of the project. 

All Sales are Final and may only be disputed within ten (10) days of payment.
Haney Hayes Promotions reserves the right to terminate services at their discretion, with causation, such as conflict of interest, hypocrisy, social injustice, to ethical ambiguity.

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