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Today we are very lucky to be interviewing Fantasy, Reverse Harem, PNR, and LGBTQ+, author Rachel Starkie. Thank you so much for being with us!

I grew up in Manchester, England, residing with my supportive family. With a love for learning about animals and nature, I went on to attend Hull University @ Scarborough. Being dyslexic I had to work extra hard, but the end result was a Bachelor of Science in Coastal Marine Biology. Dolphins are one of my favorite animals so I have made sure they get their way not just into my logos but also soon my other shifter tails.  <- see what I did there?
I relish in creating worlds full of unique and amazing characters, where people lose themselves.
My outgoing nature allows me to see and feel the world at my fingertips so I can bring it to you, my readers. 
Inspiration comes from all angles, and you can see that in the pretty resin items that double as swag and other bits of fun. All resin is hand-poured into often commissioned molds. I can not wait to share my worlds with you, so stop in for a cuppa and sit for a spell.

Haney Hayes PR -  Tell us a little about yourself and your background?

Rachel -  Well, as my bio states, I hold a degree in Coastal Marine Biology, and regardless of the naysayers, I am a published author. I will admit to a wee bit of help with this as if I didn't have it- you would probably need a Rachel to Proper English Dictionary! #BlameShannon This is my go-to when something is wonky. It's my cheeky way of loving on one of my PA's Shannon Hayes of Haney Hayes PR. Aside from biting my thumb at the haters, I am an avid animal lover and maker of the Peens...

Haney Hayes PR -  What one word best describes you?

Rachel  - Bonkers-

Haney Hayes PR -  Speaking of Bonkers- You've just written your own take on Alice In Wonderland have you not? 

Rachel  -  Yes, Not Alice, The Wonderland Prophecy was published on January 29th, 2021. It's the first in a huge series that follows a new heroine in a broken Wonderland.

Haney Hayes PR -  Which famous person, living or dead would you like to have dinner with? Why and what would you serve?

Rachel  - Tom Hiddleson, I mean who wouldn't want a piece of the man that brought Loki to the screen. As for what I'd serve? He could feast on me for days. In my mind, he's already a fan, and my PA has made me a great pic of him reading Risa's Destiny.- Sorta. You gotta follow me to see it though!

Haney Hayes PR -  Who is your favorite Indie Author? Why?

Rachel  - Author F. East, an eccentric author I have the pleasure of callin my friend.

Haney Hayes PR -  What is something as a writer, you had to learn that you hated?

Rachel  -  EDITS! OMG! The insanity that comes from editing. Fortunatly my editor with HHP takes very good care of me. Due to my dyslexia I can't sort out all those red marks so she reads the manuscript to me, and explains to me why things need to be. It takes time but she makes sure my vice stays my own.

Haney Hayes PR -  What has been the hardest thing to adjust to since publishing?

Rachel  - The paper work trying to make a name for youeself in a COVID world isn't fun or easy either.

Haney Hayes PR -  What has been your best memory since publishing?

Rachel  - The people that tell my they love my work and my worlds. There are a few haters but that means I am maiking it.

Haney Hayes PR -  What was it like getting that first great review? The first 1 Star?

Rachel  -  Amzaing it made me feeling like i was not worthless, that I could really do this writing thing and was not making a fool of myself. My l star ratings are usually from people that didn not understnd my vision for my world. Or before I gor my current editor.

Haney Hayes PR -  What kind of marketing do you do if any?

Rachel  - I promote myself and have a great Team. Shannon and Jess take good care of my social media, newsletters, they do tours and help me with takeovers. They are super, doing  Newsletter swaps- graphics pimping. Live Reading, taking to Social Media. Basically everything my PA's tell me to to do!

Haney Hayes PR -  What is your solution to writer’s block?

Rachel  - Start new stroies. If I get bored or blocked I try a new angle!

Haney Hayes PR -  What got you writing, what keeps you at it?

Rachel  - The joy of making a story come from my head to life on the page. I am a big daydreamer and i keep writing because it is fun.
Haney Hayes PR -  Who inspires you? Who holds you up when you wanna quit?

Rachel  -  That's easy, family, friends and my tribe- the book communtiy!

Haney Hayes PR -  If you were to interview yourself, what is the one question you would have to ask? Why?

Rachel  -  Well.... Okay. I'm a size queen, but my brian doesn't let me in on some things, so I woud need to ask the C*cok size of my characters. Expecially Z! They all want Z!

Thank you so much, Rachel, it has been a pleasure, and remember to check out all her/his works and follow to stay up to date!

Until Next time,
Stay safe, stay sane and read good books!

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