Monday, February 8, 2021

#MondayBlogs #HaneyHayesPR Presets Heart 2 Heart with Kylie Kent


Today we are very lucky to be interviewing New Adult, Contemporary Romance Author, Kylie Kent. Kylie is the author of Fused with Him
Thank you so much for being with us! We'd love to read your answers and get to know you. 

Kylie made the leap from kindergarten teacher to romance author, living out her dream to deliver sexy, always, and forever romances. She loves a happily ever after story with tons of built-in steam.  

She currently resides in Sydney, Australia, and when she is not dreaming up the latest romance she can be found spending time with her three children and her husband of twenty years, her very own real-life instant-love. 

Haney Hayes PR -  Tell us a little about yourself and your background?

Kylie -  I am currently a kindergarten teacher (special education). I have just released my very first book baby Merged With Him. I am an avid reader who thinks books are everything!

Haney Hayes PR -  What one word best describes you?

Kylie -  Bookaddict

Haney Hayes PR -  What would you wish for if you met a genie? 

Kylie  -  Belle's library 

Haney Hayes PR -  Which famous person, living or dead would you like to have dinner with? Why and what would you serve?

Kylie -  Audrey Hepburn - Because she is everything. I would want to have Breakfast at Tiffany's of course!

Haney Hayes PR -  Who is your favorite Indie Author? Why?

Kylie  -  Megan March, because her books draw me in and capture me the whole journey. her writing is unique. I have not read a book written by her I did not binge read and finish in 1 or 2 sittings.

Haney Hayes PR -  What is something as a writer, you had to learn that you hated?

Kylie  -  creating graphics

Haney Hayes PR -  What has been the hardest thing to adjust to since publishing?

Kylie  -  managing time, between writing and promoting

Haney Hayes PR -  What has been your best memory since publishing?

Kylie-  Receiving messages from readers telling me how much they love the story and how they can't wait for more.

Haney Hayes PR -  What was it like getting that first great review? The first 1 Star?

Kylie  -  I have not received 1 star yet, but I do have a 2 star and it was sad at first and then I was able to reflect on the review and take on board the points that the reviewer had to make.

Haney Hayes PR -  What kind of marketing do you do if any?

Kylie  -  mostly Instagram and Facebook posts with the very occasional TikTok video.

Haney Hayes PR -  What kind of marketing do you do if any?

Kylie  -  Pantster- I like to sit down at the computer and just write what comes to me at the time.

Haney Hayes PR -  What is your solution to writer’s block?

Kylie  -  I don't know, I haven't experienced it yet.

Haney Hayes PR -  What got you writing, what keeps you at it?

Kylie  -  My very good friend told me she did not like romance books. I told her I was going to write one for her that she would love, so I did and she loved it!

Haney Hayes PR -  Who inspires you? Who holds you up when you wanna quit?

Kylie  -  My Husband

Haney Hayes PR -  If you were to interview yourself, what is the one question you would have to ask? Why? 

Kylie - I would ask where do you get your inspiration for your stories? why, because during editing I often question parts of my own story asking myself 'how on earth did I come up with that' or 'wow, that really came out of my mind'. 

Thank you so much, [Author Name], it has been a pleasure, and remember to check out all her/his works and follow to stay up to date!

Until Next time,
Stay safe, stay sane and read good books!


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