Saturday, October 12, 2019

Immoral Obsession by Theresa Papa Release

Title: Immoral Obsession
Series: The Pope Family Trilogy #2
Author: Theresa Papa
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: October 11, 2019


Elizabeth Pope is being hunted as a pawn in a sick online game. 

As a child, Elizabeth’s own mother didn’t even care enough to save her from abusers. Now, she’s old enough to seek revenge on the game’s creator, the criminal most responsible for her woes.

Brave and resilient, she tries to deal with the situation alone. But Tony might be her only hope. Strong, capable, reliable he's going to protect her even if it means giving up his own life. 

As Elizabeth and Tony reconnect, the game’s players hijack their destiny. Can she maneuver through the trauma of facing her past transgressor? Or will she risk it all to get her retribution on the monster that otherwise will never leave her alone?

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A loud bang wakes me out of my memorable dream of my first kiss with Tony. “Shit!” Shaking the cobwebs out of my brain, I look around and shudder at the memory of where I am. The ugly cast iron bathtub still sits across the grimy mosaic tile floor on which I sit propped against the shelves in the warped particleboard vanity. To my right, the toilet’s been denied a cleaning for a very long time. And to my left is the bolted door that keeps me sequestered in this prison.
Even though a noise woke me, there’s silence now so I climb up onto the vanity to get a look out of the transom window. My legs shake from my awkward position. I hold my balance with my fingers on the edge of the cloudy glass layered with caked-on dirt, then tilt my head so I can see out the crack. The exterior door is closed, and I can’t see anybody in the apartment. But something is not the same as before Marcus locked me in the bathroom. There’s a bag of take out food on the card table that suggests he’s returned. I stretch my torso to get a better view of what’s right up near the door I’m behind. To my surprise, someone is on their knees over a man supine whose hand reveals a familiar skull tattoo. A cramp travels up my neck, and I straighten abruptly to lessen the pain. While I instinctively bend my head down to rub the back of my neck, my eyes focus on a river of blood that flows into the bathroom from under the door. I freeze in shock as I watch it slowly puddle into the voids where mosaic tiles went missing long ago.

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Author Bio

Theresa is a self-published author of fiction. Originally, from a suburb just outside of Chicago, she now resides in Arizona living out her dream of a life from which she never needs a vacation. She and her husband of thirty-two years have two daughters who are the most important part of their world. Theresa's big Italian family extends throughout the country with a rich and flavorful history. Much of that history spurs ideas for the stories she creates. Make sure you visit the Art Imitates Life in the back of every one of her books. It’s fun to see where ideas are born.

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