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Random Live Writes Haney Hayes Promotions Presents S.I. Hayes and Savannah Morgan

Haney Hayes Promitons Presents 

S.I. Hayes and Savannah Morgan

Song: Wrong Side of Heaven  By Five Finger Death Punch  

S.i. Hayes M16's, shrapnel, our paratroopers coming in. The LZ is saturated in blood and bodies, it was an ambush, there was no way of knowing. We had no way out if the Huey couldn't see the colored smoke three click up. Noise and then the screaming....

I wake up my body covered in a layer of sweat. I rub my thigh, all that's left of my legs. The woman besides me stirs. She's been with me through it all. But sometimes I wonder. Is all out of love or obligation?

Savannah Morgan I feel her turn to face me, her soft hand gently placed on my shoulder. My first reaction, to shrug her away. I've been doing that since I returned home. Always needing to shoulder this burden alone.
"I'm here, if you need me." Her soft voice whispered in the air.
All I could do was grunt, as I feel her hand slip away.
I rub my thighs harder. Anger building up inside. Was it her love that had turned to obligation, or my hell that turned her that way?

S.i. Hayes "I wish you'd talk to me?" She murmurs. "Do you need a pill?"
I nod. "Thank you." Watching her as she gets up, so smoothly, so easily. Her legs flexing under her silk night gown. She still dresses for me, even if I can’t always be the man she longs for. That has to be love... Right?

Savannah Morgan As she returns to the bed, I admire the view. Her curves highlighted in the weak light through the silk. Hating myself for entertaining the thought that she would want the intimacy we once shared when I'm all but crippled now, my eyes go to hers.
"Damn," the word slipped from my lips unbidden.
The hot twinkle in her eyes said she wasn't looking at cripple. They screamed she wanted her man.

S.i. Hayes Her lip curves and my eyes trace every inch of her as she pulls the nigh gown over her head, letting it drop to the floor. "You like what you're seeing?" She crawls across the bed, her full DD's swaying. My cock twitches some. Maybe, just maybe.

Savannah Morgan She crawls, prowls toward me from the foot of the bed. Hell, she was hot the day I met her, but the years since has only added to her beauty. Confidence. That's what it was. She was confident in what she wanted. Moreover, the desire firing her eyes tol…See More

S.i. Hayes Her hands are small, but that doesn't make their grip any less firm, what it does do is make my already large cock, look fucking huge. She strokes me and I groan. Seeing her kiss down me has me aching with need and anticipation as she pulls me free of my underwear. Wet warm mouth on me, she take me down deep and I lace my fingers into her long smooth hair.
"Baby, enough, I wanna be inside you."

Savannah Morgan I feel her lips curve into a smile as she slowly pulls her mouth along the length of me. I hear a small pop as the tip of my throbbing cock leaves her full lips.
"In a minute. Don't rush me. I'm having my favorite treat."
Her voice is husky. That perfect tone between naughty vixen and sexy slut. She gets me every time I hear her talk that way.
My cock jumps in her hands, landing perfectly on her lips; and I feel her swallow me once again. My fingers tighten in her hair. The need to fuck her mouth riding me hard. It feels like forever since we've been like this. It had. It was another lifetime. So much had changed. It hit me then. I was the one that changed. She had stayed the same. Her love for me had never changed.
It was like coming out the other side of Hell.
I gripped her head and pulled her up my body. One hand buried deeper into her hair as the other found the fullness of her breast. The nipple hard as stone.

S.i. Hayes She grabs my hips and i push off the bed with my hands, pumping into her mouth. once twice. Feeling me seize she pops off and straddles me. I'm instantly enveloped in her wet warm body. She grabs my shoulders and lifts up on me, only to slip back down.
"Give it to me. All of it. I can take it" She demands.
I thrust up. Giving her everything I have. My anger, my hate, frustration. Fear. As I give over to what I’ve missed. I'm filled by her love, her longing. How could I have been so wrong? I've been living in my own hell, not realizing that heaven has been right beside me this whole time. Waiting for me to open my eyes.

Savannah Morgan "I've been a fool, baby."
She slowly shakes her head, "Not a fool, but maybe a little blind."
She leans down. Her lips against mine as her lower body does that little grind that takes my breath away.
I kiss her deeply. Grabbing her hips pulling her down as I thrust up. The strength in my arms so much more now that I'm bound to a wheel chair.
I hear her gasp and begin to apologize, "I'm sorry, baby, I didn't mean to..."
"GOD! Do THAT again."
As requested, I thrust deep inside her again as I pulled her down on my throbbing cock. "I love you, baby."
Her head thrown back in ecstasy, "I love you more."

And they lived happily ever after... every orgasm.

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