Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Live Write Winners 10/30 Michael Gagain & Amber Lacie!

Check out their story now and Let us know what you think!

Here's the picture that used as Inspiration. 

Michael Gagain The moon crept through the trees quietly, as if even with all its power it dared not disturb the dead...I remember exactly where I buried every one of the poor souls I had stumbled upon and decided to make my own. I've tried to curb my appetite for destruction. Mayhem and death...now one has escaped. A first. I am intrigued with thought of a hunt, a little game of cat and mouse if you will...

Amber Lacie I'm running as quickly as my feet will carry me. Branches and twigs keep snapping underneath my weight as I try to escape. I can hear him in the woods behind me. He's not moving as quickly as me, but he's catching up. Thump. thump-thump. My heart beat is erratic beneath my ribs. One minute I was being dragged by my hair, the next thing I knew I was on the ground underneath a giant oak tree with a tall slender man standing over me. I have no idea where the courage that spurred my movement to kick him in the groin came from, but I was thankful for it. Not only had I caught myself off guard, I had thrown him off as well. A loud crack echoes behind me. Fuck. Is there more than one out here with me?

Michael Gagain A devious smile falls upon my lips as it had done many times. sill cunt, these woods belong to me, she’s running for her life....in circles, I know every fucking tree in my graveyard, a little place I like to call home where no one leaves alive...I stopped to listen...ha- ha- ha yes, the unmistakable metallic snap of one of my bear traps...oh her excruciating screams are a delightful melody to my ears....

Amber Lacie The pain takes a moment to register. At first, I thought the sound was behind me. Then a burning sensation took over my body. My foot is twisted, bloody, and unrecognizable. There's traps laid everywhere. Now that I'm lying on the ground panting in fear, I see the silver glint of traps hidden underneath the leaves. The wind stirs around me moving the branches above me. For a second the full moon shines down on me. That's when I see them. Yellow eyes staring down at me. Yellow luminescent eyes. And then it goes black.

Michael Gagain You know...I hate when they pass out from the pain. I twisted my ankle as I came into view of her gorgeous form, and needless to say that really pissed me off, fuck I'm getting old! I limped to her and dropped to my knees besides her and took in her beauty, she was deep into an unconscious moan, her ankle looked like a few pounds of 3 day old hamburger. I took my pocket knife and hacked off what remained of her leg...I slung her over my shoulder and limped back to the tree where our date tonight began....I smiled as I whistled...."Whistle while you work" THE END....

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