Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Live Write Winners 10/23 Misty Clark & K.C. Rice!

Check out their story now and Let us know what you think!

Here's the picture that used as Inspiration. 

Misty Clark Jamie followed her into the woods. The last thing he thought he'd see is her going into a rundown old cabin. When he opened the door he was blown back. He hit the ground hard.

"Jesus Christ!"

K.C. Rice “Who do you think you are? You’re trespassing on the sacred ground of SSS ( sex starved spirits)

Misty Clark Jamie blinked hard pushing himself up off the ground. "My girlfriend went in there. Cammie!" Jamie called out for her, but nothing happened all he saw was the spirit. It started for him.

K.C. Rice “Cammie is the last thing you should be concerned about.... “ The ground began to shake the tree branches swaying in the wind as the spirits danced around him. Their whisks if hair swirling around him.... hypnotizing

Misty Clark Jamie screamed for Cammie again, before the spirits closed in on him. In the window of the house he could see her, but only for a second. Everything was started to spin on him. He felt weird. His heart raced, he could he it pounding in his ears. He felt something touch him, but he couldn't move not even his eyes. He frozen in place. Terror choked him. His mind screamed out for help.

K.C. Rice Cammie watched out the window as her sister spirits overcame Jamie. She had lead him into their lair- it had been twenty centuries since they had tasted a man... felt his blood bump through his veins into his manhood....His musky scent filled their empty souls .... they began to glow....

Misty Clark The color drained from Jamie's face as felt himself start heat up. A strange mix of feeling over took him. He was turned on and scared to death at the same time. He watched the spirits start glowing as they got closer to him. They licked their lips looking at him like he was some kind of exotic dessert.

K.C. Rice His body pulsed and throbbed like never before... he was living every man’s fucking dream... “holy shit this is going to be eeeppppiiicccc” His eyes roll back in his head as the spirits take him... deep... deep... deeper still....

Misty Clark As she watched from the window Cammie turned to the spirit that floated in the room with her. "I've done what you've asked me. I brought you a man. The only man I've ever loved that should be enough for you. My debt to you is paid!" The spirit smiled her teeth rotted before she had died. "Oh no child this is just the beginning!"

K.C. Rice “Noooo!” She screamed as she watched her love as the spirits sent him spiraling out of control. Jamie screamed as the most explosive orgasm poured through his toes... up his body... to his neck and filling his head as it exploded... “Aaahhhhhhh”

With a tear dropping from her chin, she whispered.... “ I did a bad, bad thing”

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